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dinCloud spent over 18 months testing its hosted virtual desktop technology, working with countless vendors of hardware and software until we were satisfied as an end-user of the technology.


Cloud transformation involves migrating your infrastructure to the cloud (desktops, servers, storage, applications, networking). By linking everything together, and keeping it within close proximity, you realize speed efficiencies. Business provisioning brings the servers running your applications closer to the desktops you use to access those applications since they are running in the same data center. Read more about performance here.

Cloud Licensing Expertise

With our origins coming from the world of software licensing, we offer customers our cloud licensing desk’s expertise to evaluate their existing perpetual license rights and compare them to subscription licenses we offer. In doing so, we also help customers on the path to software usage compliance. Read more about our expertise here.


dinCloud has thought about security in the cloud from the beginning – just look at our logo! Read more about our multiple layers of security here.