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Managing software license compliance in a world of physical machines can be complex enough. But managing licenses in a virtual world? Complexity is an understatement with some vendors providing math formulas to calculate license entitlements based on processors.

dinCloud has its roots with software resellers. Experts that have worked with major publishers as well as smaller publishers for the last 2 decades. With this background, we felt it was essential that we have a cloud licensing desk. We felt obligated to make sure our customers feel confident that they are licensed correctly when they move to the cloud.

What does our licensing desk do? Our experts understand programs from Microsoft, Adobe, and smaller publishers – so they can evaluate which program is the best fit for our customer when they select dinCloud services. Sometimes perpetual licenses continue to make sense. Other times it may be a subscription agreement. Then there are hybrids or other variations some publishers come up with. Knowing these programs inside out is our value-add.

With dinCloud’s cloud licensing desk, you can confidently move into the cloud- while being cost effective.

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