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With the workforce’s growing trend towards a mobility, businesses are looking to a cloud infrastructure as a solution to the rising demand for ease of use and convenience. Cloud infrastructure enables users to create their own IT infrastructure, and configure it to their preferences. dinCloud’s cloud infrastructure includes virtual private servers, database as a service, cloud backup, and DNS Security.


Private Virtual Servers

dinCloud’s virtual private servers, dinServer, is a solution designed to improve performance, security and efficiency. Hosted in dinCloud’s hosted private cloud, dinServer has a robust architecture and built-in virtual and physical security measures. With dinServer, users can rapidly migrate their infrastructure to the cloud that integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and enables users to spin-up or down servers on the fly.








Private Virtual Servers

dinCloud’s Database as-a-Service, also known as dinSQL, or hosted SQL Server from dinCloud, delivers a platform for businesses to host SQL databases in the cloud, either as a primary site or as a backup in a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) scenario. dinSQL has a common use cases and scenarios depending on your requirements, including:


Cloud Backup

dinCloud’s Cloud Backup Service, known as dinBackup, provides continuous data protection to workspaces. This includes VM level backups and restore capabilities, as well as an enterprise class policy based backup solution. Backup data as long as needed based on requirements.


DNS Security

dinCloud’s Hosted Security Services, known as dinDNS (Domain Name System) is a robust and reliable DNS that enables users to manage business domains from one portal and assign full FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) to network servers and applications. This can improve efficiency by reducing time needed to manage a data center. dinCloud’s cloud infrastructure offering gives users the opportunity to migrate to a secure private cloud with ease. To learn more about our cloud infrastructure, visit our dinServerdinSQLdinBackup, or dinDNS pages.
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