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Cloud Adoption is just getting Started

Thinking whether you missed the boat on offering cloud services? According to a recent e-book by Connect wise, 93% of Microsoft’s install base is still on-premises, but forecasts are showing that 50% of all businesses will be in the cloud 5 years from now.

Why MSPs Should Add DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) to their Product Portfolio

The majority of companies are classified as SMBs (less than 500 employees), so that also means a significant portion of the business world may not be able to support their own internal IT Department to help them manage their technology needs. These are the companies that need a MSP and services provider to help them in their digital transformation using the cloud.

Why are businesses moving to the cloud?

The business world changes at the speed of light, especially when you are talking about the technology needed to support business growth.  Mobility, flexibility, security, and reducing costs are essential needs for businesses who want to compete in this new, highly complex business world.

Why Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)?

The trend in remote work is growing.  The New York Times reported that 43% of Americans claim to work from home and that the amount of time they do so has risen by 7% from 2012 to 2016.  The benefits to businesses of instituting a remote work strategy are significant, and as the New York Times found, more and more companies, regardless of their size,  are enabling employees to regularly work from outside of the business walls.  Techaisle reports that SMBs are looking for full-service partners that can drive their digital strategies, according to Agrawal, in part because they often don’t have the in-house talent necessary to do it on their own.

And it is not just mobility and flexibility in where an employee works that is driving businesses to consider solutions like DaaS.  Security and even a reduction in costs are vital benefits that are attracting businesses to the solution.  Because of the many benefits, TechNavio reported that the Global VDI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.47% from 2014 through 2019, and Channel Futures state that some researchers are forecasting 28.7% CAGR just for DaaS, it’s clear that these services are in high demand.  Managed Service Providers are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the significant growth of the technology.

What are the benefits to your business?

Now that we’ve made the case that businesses are demanding solutions like Desktop-as-a-Service let’s look at the benefits that adding DaaS to your portfolio can do for you.

Increased Relevancy

With the introduction of any new technology, there is an increase in complexity.  When looking to migrate either a portion or all of an existing premise solution to the cloud, there are many different moving parts, and not all businesses are equipped to managing it.  As a managed service provider, the chances are you have already formed a relationship with businesses as you help them achieve their IT goals, so you already have a foot in the door.  As more companies look to migrate to cloud solutions, their first step is going to be looking at partners they are already doing business with. You can increase your relevancy with your clients by ensuring you have a solution to offer them. And by partnering with a cloud solutions provider, you don’t even have the challenge of building and managing another data center infrastructure and building the software – it is already done for you. All you have to do is create usernames and spinning up new technologies becomes a simple click of the mouse.

Increase your Trusted Leader Status

Your clients already look at you as a vital part of their IT solutions.  You’ve worked hard to develop a relationship with your clients that is one of mutual respect and trust and your clients know you have their best interests in mind.  Having a more extensive portfolio offering can show our clients that you are knowledgeable about the relevant trends in the IT space, and provide them more confidence that you can give your clients that competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s business world.

Recurring Revenue

Let’s be honest.  This is the holy grail of business owners.  Predictable, recurring monthly revenue, increased customer satisfaction, scalable, consistent growth, the benefits of the model goes on.  If you haven’t jumped in with both feet to offering solutions that inherently deliver recurring revenue (like cloud solutions and DaaS), then you need to now.

Making a case for DaaS

Technology continues to permeate all aspect of business and personal life.  Mobility, flexible work, security, scalability are no longer on the “good to have” list but have moved to the list of essential tools to enable business growth.  If you are not already offering solutions that will aid in the addition of these tools, then you risk your clientele, both old and new, moving to another provider who can.  We invite you to download our whitepaper, Making A Case for DaaS and contact one of our cloud specialists today and get started on your journey to offering Desktop-as-a-Service solutions.