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Businesses are always on the lookout for improving efficiency and bringing about operational simplicity. Technology is taking center stage in today’s enterprise operations and as your size expands, your tech needs also need to evolve accordingly.

Why Should YOU Choose Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

One of the biggest challenges confronted by enterprises, especially during expansion, is how to adopt an IT infrastructure that is safe, reliable and geared towards the maximum level of employee productivity.

In addition to the above “wish list”, enterprises also want to attain these results with minimal financial resources, especially when it comes to long term commitments such as Capital Expenditures (CapEx) on new IT hardware.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – A Potent Solution

If there is one technology that ticks all the above boxes, it is VDI. In case of VDI, an enterprise virtualizes its desktop PCs over dedicated servers. These Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) can then be readily assigned to employees working in various roles.

Further, you can deploy VDI at the enterprise level in primarily two different modes. First is the on premises model, where you deploy and setup a dedicated server in house. This is where the virtual desktops, data, applications and other resources will reside.

The other deployment model for VDI is choosing a third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. Your HVDs and all other ancillary resources will be stored safely in the data centers of the service provider. In exchange, you will pay a fee to the CSP.

On-Premises v/s Cloud Hosted VDI

In the prospecting phase of deploying a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, this is a core question that you will have to address. You have the option to either deploy VDI on premises, or go for a cloud provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

Each deployment model has its own set of pros and cons, but regardless of that, the underlying benefits of VDI will largely remain intact. The main difference lies in the level of freedom you may enjoy in case of either on premise or cloud based VDI solutions.

Why You Need a VDI Solution?

Most industry experts strongly believe that enterprises should look at VDI beyond the traditional approach of just cost savings. Only then would enterprises be able to reap the true benefits of VDI, whether its deployed on premise or cloud based.

Here are a few compelling advantages of deploying a VDI solution such as dinHVD, which is dinCloud’s premium Cloud VDI solution.

IT Management – A Breeze

The complex organizational structures of today make the task of IT management a lot more challenging. With VDI, your IT teams will be able to manage the entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

dinCloud makes this task even more easier via dinManage. This is a highly intuitive cloud orchestration and management portal, developed in house by dinCloud. It enables you to manage your entire VDI environment from a single interface.

Organize and Optimize

With a cloud VDI solution such as dinHVD, your IT teams can organize VDI users into various distinguishable groups. Based on the needs of each user group, you can allocate IT resources such as storage, compute and RAM etc. This results in resource optimization.

Flexible and Agile

By leveraging a cloud VDI solution, your workforce enjoys a lot of flexibility, as they can access productivity resources over multiple devices. You employees also need not worry about which operating system (OS) their login devices may have.

With instant access to organizational resources hosted in the Cloud, your employees enjoy seamless access to data, apps and other enterprise tools, regardless of the device or OS related concerns. This in turn makes you a lot more agile as an enterprise.

Reduced Expenses

A cloud VDI solution liberates your enterprise from setting up a costly data center on premise and then managing it as well. Cloud VDI providers like dinCloud offer you a fixed monthly subscription based pricing model, where you pay only for what you actually use.

Support for Remote Work and BYOD

VDI solutions are highly suited to the presently prevalent remote work environment. All your employees need for cloud VDI is access to a login device such as a tablet, laptop or desktop and internet connectivity.

With your data and other enterprise resources safely housed within the VDI infrastructure, you can easily and securely implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives across your enterprise. This in turn reduces your IT expenses and a host of other related overheads.


Whether you view cloud VDI in the context of costs, flexibility, agility or security, you will find that it’s a splendid answer to modern day workplace needs. Contact dinCloud for leading VDI solutions that are safely housed within one of our global data centers.