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Wondering how higher ed digital strategies are measuring up with a key stakeholder in the sector – students? A new report from DJS Research, as reported on by EdTech, captures some very insightful findings on student perspective about the digital strategies held by their higher ed institutions.

The overall finding is that digital experience is of prime importance to students – both in the admissions process and once matriculated as a student. And in many cases, universities are falling short in this arena. The majority of those surveyed indicated that their universities need to update their digital strategy. So much so, that a concerning percentage of respondents indicated that a subpar digital experience has affected their experience at their learning institution and their overall opinion of their school. The major findings from DJS Research are summarized below.

Four Key Findings about Student Opinion of University Tech

  • By and large, the perspective is that university tech is “lacking” with one-third of those surveyed reporting that their opinion of their universities’ digital strategy is so poor it has started to negatively impact their overall impression of the institution.
  • Taking it further, a significant percentage of surveyed students – 40% – said that their schools’ systems were so ineffective, it led them to “spend less time studying.”
  • 7 in 10 respondents say their schools need to update their technology.
  • 45% said they would be more likely to recommend their university to a peer if the digital experience were improved.

Digital Strategy in Higher Ed

Takeaways for Higher Ed Tech?

With a majority of survey respondents recommending an update to university digital strategy, it’s apparent there’s a widespread need for modernization in higher ed. This also creates an opportunity: those who successfully update their systems can use technology as a differentiator in the university system, advancing ahead of other institutions for gains in enrollment and funding.

How to get there? For our part, we help higher ed institutions leverage cloud technology to update their systems. To learn more, see the following related pages or contact us today to speak with one of our cloud solution specialists.

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