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We’re at a technological inflection point; computing as we know it is changing forever. Everyone from the CEO to the system admin is wondering what it will mean.

There is chatter all over about the cloud and all the problems it will solve. Yet, reality doesn’t meet with this lofty vision. Real companies have a lot more complex infrastructures that include their own physical computing environment (servers, storage, desktops and applications). Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”) providers have made a lot of progress in providing these companies with tools to move part of their infrastructure to the cloud and give IT professionals a way to manage it more efficiently, and dinCloud is leading the way with cloud transformation for its customers. dinCloud offers Business Provisioning to the cloud through our virtual datacenter using servers, storage, desktops and applications. But in no manner would we say that the cloud, and more specifically, our Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) will solve all your problems.

Our Hosted Virtual Desktops don’t replace on premise computing, but they add on to it. Our Hosted Virtual Desktops are incredible for accessing Windows OS, using Microsoft Office applications, general web browsing with sites that allow flash redirection and general management of devices (patches, security, data loss prevention, deploying applications, etc.). However, we’ll be the first to admit that laws of physics just can’t be beat. Our Hosted Virtual Desktop’s performance will be compromised when you run high-end graphics software, or simultaneously have 20 applications running, or when internet bandwidth (public Wi-Fi, 3G or connectivity at a client site) is not adequate. We’ll get there overtime as we’re constantly in R&D mode.

This is how technology truly evolves. Cloud computing offers another option for IT departments to diversify their computing environment and leverage some of the benefits the cloud can offer. As the number of compute options increases, so does the complexity. Smart companies are moving fast and taking advantage of it – you don’t want to miss out. dinCloud can help.