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Virtual Workspaces are bringing businesses across the globe into the future of work. The increased agility and flexibility with less complexity and cost have made the strategy an integral part of any business IT strategy.

VMmware VS VDI Accordinig To Citrix

As the popularity of the technology has expanded, so have the players in the field. Key players include Amazon, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, and our very own Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, dinDaaS. In an effort to help you decide which offering is best for your business, we wanted to take a moment to compare features for you between some of the big players.

VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, also known as VMware Horizon 7, enables IT departments to deliver Virtual Machine Desktops and applications in a data center and remotely deliver them to the employees as a managed service.

Importance of User Experience in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

One of the critical factors a business needs to consider in a virtual desktop infrastructure decision is user experience. If the end user cannot reliably access the workspace when needed, adoption of the technology will grow stagnant. According to Citrix, here is how the two stack up:

dinCloud offers Industry-leading VDI technology by Citrix, as well as our own homegrown version.  We invite you to take a look for yourself.

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