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A Case for Virtual Server Hosting

DataCenter Dynamics has posted a research study that validates a common statistic available today – that “keeping the lights on” takes up 70% of the time and efforts of either the IT department, or the person designated as the “IT guy or gal”. This means that the majority of one or more peoples’ time is spent on maintenance mode, in contrast to innovation and supporting new demands in the world of business.

On-Premise vs Virtual Server Hosting

As servers get denser, more powerful – there is an appeal to buy newer servers. In fact, HP’s server lines have hard-ROI calculations showing payback in just a few months. But that means capital spent on “keeping the lights on”, time spent waiting for hardware to arrive, having highly skilled staff install and configure servers, and then maintain them. The hard costs, effort, and time to market that is sacrificed to achieve an “on-premise” data center seems to be losing appeal. At the Microsoft Hosting Summit, Microsoft mentioned that the trend it is seeing is that subscription based revenue for server products is outpacing traditional on-premise, perpetual licenses. That is an eye-opener… more people are moving to virtual server hosting.

Does Virtual Server Hosting Include Storage?

The whole reason you are buying servers is to run an application, or to test one. To do that, servers are just one piece of the equation. We keep hearing about “Big Data” time after time. How fast is data growing? According to NetApp, it is 20% year over year. You have the same argument on storage that you do for servers – the latest storage has more features for “thin-provisioning” and managing data than older equipment, so why not buy newer storage, and have it connect faster? What about faster connectivity and networking equipment… the list goes on and on what you have to buy – all to run an application? Virtual server hosting services from dinCloud include all aspects of a virtual private data center. And time to market is INSTANT.

Virtual Server Hosting by dinCloud

Consider for a moment if instead of buying new servers for your next rollout, you dipped your toe in the cloud. If you are leveraging business provisioning from dinCloud and have your applications and hosted virtual desktops running in the cloud, not only you will process data faster but you will not have to transmit data across the network where it could be exposed to security issues. Beside productivity gains, you will enjoy huge savings in operational cost.

So before you buy for on-premise, consider dinCloud for virtual server hosting, and our comprehensive business provisioning as you migrate to the cloud.