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You built a lab that is capable of changing the face of modern medicine. Did you also mean to conquer the world of IT too? What many pharmaceutical companies find is that cloud-based technology frees them, and their resources, so that they can then focus on doing what they do best — developing medicines. In this pharmaceutical focus blog, we explore why the cloud works for you.

Virtual Private Data Centers - Keeping Pharmaceutical Companies Focused on Cures

Security — HIPAA and Public Concerns

How much do pharma companies spend each year to thwart hackers from stealing medical or trade data? Fortune 1000 companies, in all, spend about $2.4 billion dollars trying to keep hackers at bay, according to That’s a ton of money. How much does your company spend trying to keep sensitive data, patient records, and business information safe and secure? A better question may be —why is that your problem? dinCloud will help provide the technology and tools to secure your applications and data (through encryption, firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, IP reputation service, backups etc). All you need to do is manage your own security policies and procedures.

In terms of cost, we all know how fast technology changes. Your pharmaceutical company no longer has to invest in technology improvements for informational-based security. You no longer need to fund a department that must be trained to handle data threats. You are again, free to focus on building your business and developing pharmaceuticals.

Collaboration Keeps Your Security Needs Inline and Online

An infrastructure built on security can help you work efficiently and collaborate comfortably Data partitions help improve data security from within your company and from the Internet. A cloud service provider that partitions your information in separate private data centers can help increase security, as well as disaster recovery capabilities. dinCloud is a cloud service provider with security as its foundation. With security as the backbone of your cloud service provider, you can rest assured that your data is secure.

In an industry with many HIPAA and other regulatory security guidelines, how do you choose the right one? Not a problem. Some cloud service providers conform to HIPAA and government-grade security protocols, but it’s important to choose one that complies with all the requirements, like dinCloud. In order to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly, it’s important to partner with a cloud provider that understands the pharmaceutical industry. dinCloud recognizes the importance of regulations to look for in security systems, and is ready to provide you with the cloud services that meet your industry’s specific needs.

Moving Data Storage to the Cloud

One of the first things that your company gains, when you move into virtual private data storage, is money. Your IT department just shrank. Not only do you save money on salaries, but also on equipment, training, equipment upgrades, software upgrades, security devices and management. Remember the $2.4 billion dollars that Fortune 1000 companies shell out for internet security? Well, you just took back a chunk of that change. What could your company do with a large chunk of change?

Virtual Private Data Centers offer companies top-shelf security that is scalable as your company grows. You no longer have to worry about the cost, management of, or keeping track of how internet security evolves. Your only job at this point is to manage the strengths of your company. Did you start a pharmaceutical company so that you could master the constantly changing world of internet security? Probably not. Virtual private data centers from dinCloud allows you to focus on your strengths.