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Cloud Computing is a broad term and may even feature in technologies or services that do not actually use it in any way. In this post, we will compare and contrast some of the mainstream cloud computing technologies along with suggested use cases.

Understanding Cloud Computing Models – IaaS, SaaS and PaaS

Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS

This cloud technology relies on the hardware resources of a third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. You can avail the CSP’s hardware infrastructure that includes storage, servers, network and more in exchange for a usage fee.

IaaS model of the cloud is growing at a very steady pace over the past few years due to its inherent benefit of outsourcing all the tough processes around IT hardware. The entire management of underlying hardware is the sole responsibility of the cloud provider.

When to Use IaaS?

The IaaS model is very suitable if you lack either the financial resources or the in house expertise to setup and maintain a complex Cloud Architecture. As IaaS is easily scalable, this model is highly suited for organizations that experience seasonal trends in workloads.

Software as a Service – SaaS

This is one of the fastest growing segments within the cloud computing industry for obvious reasons. SaaS  is a cloud model in which a ready to use software solution is made available over the web. In exchange for using the software resources, you mostly pay a fee.

Some of the most common SaaS business models include:-

Pay as you Go

This SaaS pricing model is variable and will depend on the scale at which you are availing the cloud powered software solution. Scale may be in terms of features or use frequency.


In this model, you pay the rightful owner of the SaaS solution a pre agreed usage fee. This model generally carries a prescribed timeline, after which your subscription expires.

No Charge

Although not very common, it is also possible that the owner of a cloud based software solution may not demand any fee directly from users and rely on alternate sources.

When to use SaaS

SaaS solutions can prove very helpful in improving organizational efficiency and streamlining routine workflows. In SaaS, all the backend aspects of a software such as updates, patching and upgrades are managed by your SaaS provider.

You should especially use SaaS in cases where your workforce is physically distributed across many geographies but they rely on a uniform software solution. However, you cannot use the SaaS model in industries that are heavily regulated, due to compliance.

Platform as a Service – PaaS

This is a relatively more specialized domain as compared to IaaS and SaaS models. PaaS is reserved for the developer community, whereby they are provided a capable and intuitive ecosystem to roll out cloud or web based applications.

PaaS can be considered the lifeblood of cloud technologies in general because much of the value addition in the entire cloud delivery chain takes place at this tier. PaaS is a controlled environment to develop, test, deploy, debug and enhance productivity solutions.

When to Use PaaS?

Depending upon the scenario and use case, PaaS platforms may either be collaborative or strictly proprietary. PaaS is a very potent platform for organizations that have a large repository of data and want to derive actionable business insights from it.

PaaS serves as an excellent culmination ground for capable app developers, who have the requisite expertise but can’t afford the prohibitive cost of developing their own ecosystem. Organizations on the other hand have the financial resources but may lack the expertise.


When we glance at the above building blocks of cloud computing, we find that IaaS, SaaS and PaaS, each play a unique role in further cementing the cloud. However, IaaS presents a unique value proposition for businesses of a wide range of sizes and industries.

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