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The Best of Breed (BoB) Conference is a 3 day conference in Orlando focused on igniting the engines of growth in IT. Leaders from all over the world gather at BoB to learn to connect with each other, grow their IT, and move forward in business ventures.

After an exciting 3 days at the conference, are you feeling a little adventurous?  Thanks to its year-round sunny weather, beautiful scenery, and full list of attractions, Orlando is a great place to unwind. Check out these not-so-obvious things to see and do in Orlando.

Adventures and Attractions in Orlando

Discover Technology

Have you ever built a robot? If you need more of a tech fix, drop by Skyscraft Surplus, a mad scientist’s laboratory electronics surplus shop, where you can build a robot made of random items. Skycraft boasts some of the coolest tools to build your own robot, and has been featured in a Discovery Channel show on satellites. You’ll have something to preoccupy you the entire week. Get your tech on.

Experience Wildlife

Technology and IT in Orlando is exciting, but so are the vast unconventional hands-on activities you can do. Florida is home to lush terrain and tropical weather, optimal for a day out at Jungle Adventures, where you can step outside your comfort zone. Try petting tarantulas, scorpions, baby alligators, and snakes. This hands on experience gives you a close up encounter with some of nature’s most interesting wildlife.

If you’re looking for a nature-based adventure, try riding an airboat at Black Hammock Adventures in Orlando. Located in Lake Jesup, and known for hosting the largest alligator population in Florida, Black Hammock is the place to go if you’re looking for an unconventional travel destination. You will have the chance to encounter alligators, turtles, and thousands of species of birds.

Explore the Outdoors

If wildlife is not what you are looking for, stay fit and exercise in Orlando. Rent a bike and wander the West Orange Trail, which stretches 21 miles along Lake Apopka, and through the city of Winter Garden. The trail is well maintained, paved, with plenty of rest stops. If you’re looking for a ride through some of Orlando’s most scenic areas, rent a bike and start your adventure.

For those looking for activities to do during and after the BoB Conference, this guide will give you the adventure you’re looking for in Orlando.