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Businesses have many ongoing proposals, however if any solution crosses over to make it to the executives table, the ultimate question remains – whether it makes the numbers turn?  Technologies change all the time and successful organizations today are shifting over to the cloud not just because no one wants to miss the train to the post-PC era, but also because it offers benefits such as ability to scale, higher availability, lower cost, etc.  But how do you quantify these benefits and make business sense out of the decision? The dinCloud Total Cost of Ownership (“TCO”) and ROI Calculator will help you do that.

At dinCloud we give you even more clarity and visibility into your infrastructure.  Our TCO/ROI Calculator lays out all the costs you need to consider while making the decision to switch to the cloud.  I’ll walk you through 3 different case comparisons and help you understand the base assumptions around moving your business to the cloud.

The IT department of any organization today is faced with the dilemma of picking a solution with the least cost but highest benefits.  When it comes to adoption of the cloud, every company faces a three-way road:

  • Business-As-Usual
    • This assumes that you continue to run your business as is and do nothing
  • Do-It-Yourself
    • This assumes all the costs of establishing your own cloud or what we call Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (“VDI”)
  • dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (“dinHVD”)
    • This assumes you let us take you out of the desktop management business

Traditionally, the cost of a PC has been considered the price at acquisition only. The actual cost of the PC is reached by adding up all the associated latent costs that are often overlooked at acquisition – software installations, version upgrades, IT support costs, power consumed, anti-virus etc. are only few of the broad category of costs that are often unnoticed.  Gartner highlights that the cost to manage a desktop for the average enterprise is $142/month.

VDI can be very complicated (technology expertise may not be in-house), resource draining (need a large IT staff and may distract them from day-to-day IT management) and expensive (massive Cap Ex investment upfront to provision the infrastructure to run virtual desktops).  These are the reasons you should try out dinHVD.

dinHVD can be provisioned within weeks and for as low as $65/user/month.  The TCO/ROI is too large to ignore when combined with the additional security, disaster recovery and flexibility components.

We often say when it comes to our technology seeing is believing!  Try out the TCO and see the math for yourself…