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The enterprise world has traditionally been driven by productivity. In the present day and age, businesses also require flexibility and agility built into their IT infrastructures. These new elements have been necessitated by the trend of remote work.

Rewind to just a couple of years, and you will realize that remote work used to be an exceptional circumstance. Fast forward to the present day, and remote as well as hybrid work have become the new normal.

Top Reasons Enterprises Will Continue to Adopt Cloud Desktops in 2022?

Therefore, enterprises need the right IT platform that not only delivers a flexible and agile productivity environment, but also ensures a top notch cyber security posture. Well, these multiple capabilities are offered by Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops.

In this post, we will be discussing some of the major reasons that will keep motivating businesses across the globe to adopt Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops in the year 2022. We will also highlight the unique facets of dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD).

Highly Available Cloud Infrastructure

Nowadays, businesses cannot afford downtimes, as every single minute of service outage can cost thousands of precious dollars. On top of this loss, imagine the loss to the reputation of a business or brand that ends up facing a prolonged outage.

Leading Cloud Desktop providers like dinCloud, an ATSG Company, proactively invest in their cloud data center infrastructure. The result is a highly available and optimized cloud infrastructure for your workforce, which is well above the coveted 99% mark.

Reduction in Spending on IT Hardware

In the case of most legacy IT infrastructures, and on-premise data centers, the deploying enterprises constantly have to inject funds. Most of these precious dollars are drained on the purchase or upgrading of employee devices, or revamp of costly data centers.

By migrating to a quality Hosted Virtual Desktop solution like dinHVD by dinCloud, you no longer need to upgrade your employee devices. The bulk of processing will take place within the powerful data centers of the service provider.

This in turn will extend the useful lifespan of even your otherwise outdated IT hardware. Another area where you can save on IT hardware spend is by implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. As no data is on employee devices, you have nothing to lose.

Reduced IT Related Operating Expenses

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops enable deploying enterprises to transition from a Capital Expense (CapEx) model to an Operating Expense (OpEx) model. You can define the specs and other parameters of your cloud desktops, so as to achieve cost optimization.

Leading Desktop as a Service (DaaS) providers like dinCloud shall bill you purely on the basis of your usage. What makes dinHVD an even more superior offering in the market is its Flat Rate Pricing Model, which puts you in-charge of every dollar that is spent on IT.

Enterprise Data is Centralized

About two years back, when the pandemic forced enterprises into remote work almost overnight, sensitive business data was all over the place. This not only posed security and privacy concerns, but also raised a lot of questions on this data’s integrity.

Imagine four professionals working on a project, but using a legacy IT infrastructure. One of them makes changes or amends to a document that are somehow missed by one of the team members, who keeps working on the older version of the file.

This opens a new Pandora box altogether, as valuable time and resources will be wasted to figure out which of the four team members has the latest and most valid version of the file. Over the Cloud, such issues do not arise, as the data and files are centralized.

When any one of the team members working on a project makes any changes to a file, those changes become visible to all the other team members in real-time. Data centralization is one of the major advantages of Cloud Desktop environments.

Ease of Collaboration

These days, organizations are more comfortable hiring the best talent out there, regardless of their physical location. However, giving a physically dispersed workforce seamless access to organizational data and productivity resources is extremely important.

This need is comfortably fulfilled by Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, as your entire workforce has seamless access to enterprise resources via their Cloud Desktops. All they need is an endpoint device, such as a tablet or laptop etc. and the internet.

This is one of the reasons that Cloud Desktops result in an enterprise environment that thrives on easy collaboration among employees. This collaborative and productive working environment remains intact, even if a business goes remote for some reason.

Data Safety and Privacy

These days, enterprises can face serious regulatory consequences for data breaches, hacks or other cyber attacks. Still, most enterprises using complex, legacy IT infrastructures fall short of plugging all the loopholes and vulnerabilities in their networks.

Leading Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop providers like dinCloud offer multi layered security that comes built into the very service, for no additional charge. Our dinHVDs offer protection from viruses, malware, ransomware and unauthorized access to name a few.

At dinCloud, an ATSG Company, we ensure the privacy of your valuable enterprise data by hosting it within dedicated virtual private clouds, within our state of the art data centers. As a result, what happens with the data of some other enterprise does not impact you.

Robust Failover for DR and BC

As discussed earlier, outages can have devastating consequences for businesses. At dinCloud, we ensure a robust failover mechanism for your Cloud Desktop environment through a network of highly connected, state of the art data centers.

By spreading these data centers across strategic locations, dinCloud is able to shift your mission critical workloads to the next most highly available of our data centers, in case of any disruptive event.

This capability gives your enterprise operations a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) posture. If you go for this capability in-house, you would have to invest a lot of money in setting up dedicated DR sites and then managing them as well.


The way events are unfolding right now, remote work appears to be the most viable option for enterprises for the foreseeable future. Cutting edge cloud computing solutions like dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops provide you with the foundation for remote work.
Contact dinCloud, an ATSG Company, for a wide range of cloud computing solutions and services for your enterprise needs.