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Growing your Business with the Cloud

The word is out! There’s actually economic growth, at least in America:

But Enterprises Can’t Afford to Waste Money on IT Infrastructure

excess IT equipment

All businesses want to grow, but with all the market (and world economic) uncertainty no business wants to sync all of their capital into on-premise IT infrastructure. The non-recoverable cost to these investments are legacy (Recall the glut of IT equipment after the boom/bust).

Image #1: No one wants to be stuck with a bunch of excess IT equipment like enterprises were stuck with after the bust in 2000.

What’s the Cost of a New Data Center?

Creating a new or augmenting your existing data center is an expensive proposition. The following factors must be considered:


Design, Permits and Approval, Outside Preparation


Utility Improvements, Main Switch, Transfer Switches UPS Systems, TVSS System, Generators w/ Enclosures Conduit and Cabling for Generators, Data Center Lighting Lighting Protection, Room PDUs


HVAC, Raised Floor, Condensate Drains, Leak Detection

Security and Monitoring:

Facility Management System, CCTV , Building Access System


Core Network Equipment, Construction cost, Floor Space, Electricity

This on-line calculator, comparing on-premise with cloud hosted resources, will shed some light on the equation (the cost savings is usually around 3 times, in favor of cloud resources).

The Intelligent Growth Path is Through a Cloud VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

This is especially true for the dinCloud VPC. In this environment, all the infrastructure, wiring, HVAC, and facility costs are included. In addition, all resources are available:

There are no long term costs, or upfront data transfer fees. And all the equipment can be provisioned and deprovisioned and billed at a monthly rate.

dinCloud allows an enterprise to handle “burst” growth without absorbing large IT costs upfront.

dedicated dincloud VPC

Image #2:    “Intelligent Growth in 2015 is done in the cloud, with a dinCloud VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

Contact us – and we’ll give you demo! All the best! Cloud on!

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