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Last week Microsoft made the latest version of Outlook available for public consumption after unveiling the new look last fall.  Users who are part of the Targeted Office program can download their updates today while Targeted Users will receive access in the next few weeks.  The new look is available immediately for those who access the application through the web.

The New Microsoft Outlook Design Now Available

What’s Different in Microsoft Outlook?

A key driver for the change is the desire to reduce the complexity of navigating the application and making it more consistent with the look and feel of the iOS application.  On top of this, the design will provide more consistency to how users navigate between the mobile and desktop apps. The updates include:

  • A smaller set of default commands
  • Single line ribbon with a reduced set of standard buttons available.
  • Proactive search suggestions based on your history
  • New Icon Designs

The changes come shortly after Google’s significant redesign of Gmail, targeting Microsoft’s stronghold in the business email world.

What does this mean for dinCloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) users?

dinCloud is proudly built on Microsoft products, supporting and working with Microsoft to deliver best-in-class cloud workspaces.  We were nominated as a finalist for the Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Cloud category in 2013. We work with customers to help them upgrade and migrate their Microsoft Office and Office 365 product as well as support end users on Microsoft products.