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We now live in the era of knowledge workers, who require seamless and constant access to enterprise as well as productivity resources. This has thrust End User Computing (EUC) into the limelight, and is prompting enterprises to invest in futuristic EUC technologies.

To better understand the evolution of EUC over the years, and where its headed into the future, let us take a peek into its recent history. Not long ago, enterprise productivity environments were confined to the physical boundaries of the workplace.

These physical offices were home to a large number of desktop PCs, which had to be specifically assigned to each employee. That was not all, enterprises had to maintain a large team of IT administration and support personnel, who used to manage these systems.

The Evolution of End User Computing (EUC) Over the Years, and its Future

This was a very costly option, as it required enterprises to invest heavy sums of money in procuring and maintaining IT hardware on site. That was not all, as these physical PCs required constant maintenance, upgrading and patching etc.

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The Future of End User Computing (EUC)

Now, the modern enterprise is no longer dependent on having a large inventory of physical PCs at the workplace. The need for physical PCs has been replaced with cutting edge digital technologies like Cloud Computing.

Cloud powered End User Computing (EUC) has made its mark in almost all the key functional areas of enterprise IT. Whether its hardware, storage, infrastructure, applications or software, they have all made their way to the Cloud.

This in turn is great news for the thousands of enterprises out there, which no longer have to get into the hassle of maintaining IT infrastructures on site. Instead, these enterprises can simply tap into the wide array of cloud powered services over the web.

Now, let us highlight some of the key benefits of an end user computing (EUC) environment that is powered by the Cloud.

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Seamless Productivity

By taking EUC to the Cloud, employee productivity is no longer limited to the physical workplace. Instead, remote employees have round the clock and secure access to enterprise resources that are hosted over the Cloud.

Remote Collaboration

Over the Cloud, physically dispersed employees can collaborate remotely in a secure and seamless manner. They have access to the right set of cloud hosted remote collaboration tools that fully support voice, video, text, calls and document sharing etc.

Automation of Enterprise Processes

Unlike some enterprise workloads that have to be navigated on a case to case basis, there are many workloads that are repetitive. By centralizing your IT infrastructure via the Cloud, a lot of such repetitive tasks can be automated to save time and deliver consistent results.

Centralized IT Management

Over the Cloud, enterprises can manage their entire cloud environment from a single pane of glass. Take the example of leading cloud provider dinCloud, which has a very user friendly and intuitive Cloud Management Portal by the name of dinManage.

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Enhanced Security

By centralizing End User Computing (EUC) environments over the Cloud, enterprises can really improve their cyber security and regulatory compliance postures. This is achieved due to multi layered security, and removing the practice of storing data on personal devices.

BYOD Initiatives

Enterprises want to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, but fall short of this goal without cloud powered EUC. With the Cloud however, BYOD initiatives become a lot easier, as no enterprise data is stored over individual employee devices.

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Conclusive Thoughts on EUC

If we analyze the future of End User Computing (EUC), and where things are headed within this domain, most of the developments point us towards Cloud Computing. EUC environments that are powered by the Cloud promise security, agility and flexibility.

A cloud powered EUC environment is also very suited to remote and hybrid work settings, which could be here to stay for good. To better equip themselves for the present day challenges, and the future, pursuing a cloud powered EUC is the prudent choice.

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