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On a recent visit to a senior care facility, I was struck by the gradual but prominent integration of modern technology. In an industry that has been slow to evolve its practices, innovation is starting to seep in. So much so, that the impact was noticeable when compared to how things worked just a few years ago (when I visited a similar facility).

Senior Care Entering a Golden Age of Technological Innovation – dinCloud

Perhaps most noticeable is the effect of cloud technology. The accessibility, mobility and flexibility that the cloud facilitates has changed the pace at which care can be administered, ultimately fostering improved patient care. Cloud technology can be applied in a number of ways within senior care facilities. We’ll explore a few of those use cases in this article. For more information, see our senior care industry page.

Government Incentives and New Applications in Senior Care Technology

Cloud technology can facilitate modernization in other areas. App publishing makes it easier to deploy and maintain applications regardless of where users may be located. Today, there are a number of applications modernizing the way that senior care facilities are run. Government incentives have set the standard for the adoption of electronic medical records (EMRs); additionally, there are a number of software applications that can be directly integrated into patient care administration such as patient tracking, patient information and symptom logging, billing and care coordination tools.

The cloud can facilitate your adoption of these technologies, allowing your organization to integrate these new tools in a manner that isn’t burdensome on your budget or staff.

Cloud and Mobility in Senior Care Facilities

One significant benefit of cloud technology for senior care is the mobility that it can bring to your facilities. Cloud based platforms are not tied to on-premise hardware or specific devices. This means that caregivers can access their files, applications, and a virtual workstation from nearly any device, enabling care where it is needed and best serves the patient.

Business Agility in a Growing Senior Care Market

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, by 2050 the number of individuals using “long term care facilities” is expected to double. That suggests for the future – both an overwhelming burden on operational staff and a tremendous opportunity for growth for those who are able to effectively scale. The cloud and its easily scalable deployment model is an ideal platform for industries – like senior care – that anticipate future growth, but don’t have the means to carry forward the burden of on-premise infrastructure.

The Future of Cloud Adoption in the Senior Care Industry

The effect of cloud technology on the senior care industry is just starting to take hold. The cloud and related technology advancements can help equip this industry ahead of the tremendous growth that is expected to take place before 2050. It’s hopeful that senior care facilities will take advantage of the cloud and other technological innovations as platforms for advancement. If so, we can anticipate a true “golden age” in senior care standards, throughout which we will be better equipped to care for seniors than ever before.