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Of course – all the news of late is about the record snowfall that is going to hit the east coast (see image #1). Is this a problem for you and your enterprise?


Image #1:   The East Coast was hit with a record snow storm on January 26th. Enterprises with dinCloud’s cloud backup solutions were ready for this and other disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (CR) solutions.

It wouldn’t be a problem if you did your backups through dinCloud.  dinCloud is the only solution that handles all of your backup needs – storageserversdesktops.

dinCloud has all your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Needs Covered

Option 1 – Stand-alone Cloud Storage

Leverage our dinStorage D3 platform that is S3 compatible to store offsite backups and replications (object oriented storage). The files/folders/volumes could be downloaded to the customer site or the resources could be provisioned in dinCloud’s data center as necessary.

This is the lowest cost solution as the only cost is the offsite disk being utilized at $.15 per GB per month.

Option 2 – Cloud Storage with Warm Site

In this environment, the enterprise is granted a dedicated virtual private cloud.

To keep the costs down and still provide a relatively short RTO, we can provide warm site capability by including a firewall/VPN that will establish IPSec secure connectivity at all times along with a read-only AD server securely replicating to the on-premises AD server (every 15 minutes) for user authentication and GPO authorizations.

This is an efficient and low cost solution as the only costs are the offsite disk space being utilized at $.15 per GB per month plus $200 per month for the warm site capability (firewall/VPN & AD server).

Option 3 – Veeam v8 with Cloud Connect

We are also a Veeam Service Provider partner and are offering a Veeam v8 with Cloud Connect backup, replication and recovery solution. This provides more functionality and self-service capabilities than the above mentioned solution.

The entire set-up takes less than 10 minutes for both sides.

Option 4 – Local Appliance

Customers can use whatever local appliance they like to backup locally and replicate to our D3 cloud storage platform that supports the S3 protocol and can be configured to point to any S3 compatible provider (some vendors only allow pointing to AWS’s S3 platform).

dinCloud supports various appliances, such as QNAP and SteelStor and any other S3-compatible storage system. All of this is done over dinCloud’s fast network with no transfer fees but with both the initial and on-going backups.

Option 5 – High Availability Solution (Hot Fail-Over)

Enterprises utilize dinCloud’s VPC architecture to back-up 1-to-1 servers to their dincloud Private Cloud. This provides a “hot fail-over” for enterprises with up-to-date servers in dinCloud’s environment.

Contact us – and we’ll create a DR/BC solution for your enterprise. Cloud on!