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Using dinCloud webHVD, you can already leverage the $35 Chromecast dongle from Google to project your windows virtual desktop onto any HDMI TV in your corporate conference room or home, thus removing any limitations around applications that don’t support ChromeCast directly (which at its initial release was limited to Google’s Chrome browser and NetFlix) –but wait! There’s MORE.

Now, you can print from ANY application on ANY webHVD to ANY printer you register with Google Cloud Print ANYwhere in the World and even share these printers between business associats, friends, and family!

This requires a gmail/google account but most everyone (especially android users) already have one.

Here’s HOW in 2 EASY steps!

Step #1

Register your existing “classic” or new “cloud ready” printer here:

Step #2
Download the Google Cloud Print virtual print driver for Windows:

Enjoy!   –/\/\ike Chase EVP/CTO aka Dr. Cloud

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