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The year 2019 was a good one for the Cloud Computing Industry as whole. We expect the positive momentum to continue through to 2020, as more enterprises opt in favor of cloud powered services in one way or the other. The level of reliance on the cloud varies across organizations but cloud is rapidly gaining ground.

2020 Outlook of the Cloud Industry and Top Cloud Players

To give some perspective, the revenue from public cloud services is expected to grow to $266 BN from $228 BN US Dollars. Within this overall segment, the Software as a Service or SaaS is the clear front runner with a revenue chuck expected to touch around $116 BN.

However, with so much diversity within the cloud industry, it is very difficult to pick out a clear winner that has it all covered. On the contrary, the cloud is becoming highly specialized with each cloud player, whether big or small, carving out a unique competitive edge and building over it.

In this endeavor to differentiate from competitors, some Cloud Service Providers (CSP) have opted to forge collaborative partnerships with cloud players possessing complementary traits. This involves treading a risky path where new partnerships do not adversely affect the ongoing arrangements with industry players.

In this post, we will try to highlight some of the major cloud players for the year 2020 along with their unique competitive edge over others. Add This in Blockquote

dinCloud – The Customization Leader

Although dinCloud may not be a household name in the cloud market, the relatively young CSP boasts a global data center footprint. The core advantage of dinCloud is its ability to offer highly customized cloud solutions and at far lesser cost when compared to the industry heavy weights.

Top Cloud Services Provider

dinCloud has an excellent track record in cyber security with its data centers possessing industry leading third party certifications. The CSP offers a highly capable virtual firewall to secure the data and applications of each individual cloud tenant. Stringent network traffic monitoring is also another positive aspect of this CSP.

Another major credit of dinCloud is the level of autonomy it grants to its customers in terms of managing the cloud solution. The company has developed an in house cloud management application called dinManage, which is a very user friendly and intuitive portal to scale and manage your cloud service.

One more competitive edge that dinCloud enjoys in the industry is cloud native graphics processing service, that attracts customers desirous of executing architectural workloads over the cloud. dinCloud has a well-diversified portfolio of services that includes hosted virtual desktops and servers in many iterations

Azure – The Enterprise Darling

Microsoft’s Azure is the second largest cloud player overall in terms of revenue. Azure enjoys the natural advantage of delivering a cloud based Windows experience to enterprise customers. The delivery of Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity apps over the cloud makes Azure an even more attractive proposition.

Google Cloud – The Relative Underdog

The position of Alphabet owned Google Cloud is not as rosy in the cloud domain as compared to other facets of the technology landscape. The main reason behind this slack is not that Google isn’t good enough, but the main reason is that the top two cloud leaders, AWS and Azure, are very well entrenched by now.

Still, Google aims to give them a tough time by offering its own capable suite of productivity apps over the cloud. There are also rumors of Google further consolidating its services into a highly potent suite that will be served over the cloud and one that mainly targets the enterprise market.

Ali Baba Cloud – An Honorable Mention

This cloud provider may be less known outside of China but still, the CSP has exhibited strong growth figures within China. One key edge the company enjoys is that companies that have operations in China feel at home to avail the cloud services of Ali Baba. The growth of this company outside China is yet to be seen.

List of Top Cloud Players 2020


The year 2020 is all set to be yet another eventful one for the cloud computing industry. We will see the rivalry between top cloud players intensify in a bid to retain and win over new cloud tenants. We should see a rapid shift towards multi cloud environments and CSPs will have to brace themselves for this industry wide shift.