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We’ve compiled content related to the latest IT trends in the cloud Industry. This includes third party articles that you might find useful.

OneDrive Storage Getting Photo Indexing Enhancements

Microsoft delivers a new intelligent search capability that makes it easier to find photos of drawings, whiteboards, signs and receipts that are getting stored using OneDrive Cloud storage service.

Updates For Office 365 Security And Compliance

Check out the latest security and compliance feature updated for Office 365 by Microsoft. Updates include enhancements to advanced threat protection, eDiscovery, advanced data governance, advanced security management and windows information protection.

Get Into the Groove of Office 365 Licensing for VDI

Virtual desktops are changing the traditional licensing game. Office 365 typically allows for five device installs, but the rules are different now!

Kubernates: Why Does It Matter?

Running containerized workloads and developing cloud-native apps? Read on why Kubernates matters.