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The past two years have been really eventful when it comes to adopting Cloud Computing services, solutions and infrastructures. In a bid to track cloud adoption trends in the form of a survey, Nutanix and UK based research company Vanson Bourne joined hands.

The study compiled the points of view of over 1,700 top IT decision makers globally. The research was centered around answering these top questions, with a view to guide both enterprises and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) on where the market was headed.

Key Takeaways from the 4th Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) Survey

  • Where are enterprises managing their existing workloads and applications
  • The future plans of enterprises about migrating their apps and workloads in the Cloud
  • Challenges being faced by enterprises that are deploying the Cloud
  • The impact of cloud initiatives on the existing IT infrastructures of enterprises

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Lastly, the 4th Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey by Nutanix also measures the direct impact of the global pandemic on IT infrastructure decisions. It also aims to map the tweaks that enterprises have made to their existing infrastructures in response to the pandemic.

The good thing about this 4th ECI survey was that only was the sample size quite large, 1,700 IT decision makers to be precise, but also covered a wide range of geographies. These included the Americas, EMEA and APJ, with organizations of all sizes.

Here, the acronym EMEA stands for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, home to some of the fastest growing Cloud Computing markets. The survey also covered another region which is a tech powerhouse, namely the Asia Pacific Japan or APJ.

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Top Multicloud Trends

One of the key takeaways from the 4th ECI survey is that the multicloud is here to stay, despite the complexities and steep learning curve associated with such deployment models. The survey also outlines a few notable multi cloud trends.

A sizeable 91% of the surveyed enterprises have moved one or more of their applications to Cloud infrastructures, during the past 1 year. Another 64% said they will be deploying a multi cloud environment over the next one to three year timeframe.

Currently, the hybrid cloud has retained its position as the most preferred cloud deployment model, with 83% of the surveyed enterprises expressing the view that hybrid multicloud environments are ideal for most of the enterprises.

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Multicloud Reigns as the Top Deployment Model

A decent 36% of the respondents were currently using the multicloud as their most preferred deployment model. Over the next one to three years, the adoption rates for multicloud environments were expected to jump to around 64%.

The large enterprises, with a minimum of 5,000 employees or more, seemed particularly interested in multi cloud deployments. This was affirmed by the fact that nearly 57% of the surveyed large enterprises were already using the multicloud in some way or the other.

It is expected that over the next one to three years, the ratio of multi cloud adoption in large scale enterprises will reach 80%. This is most likely related with the ability of large enterprises to engage the right tools and human resources to pull this off.

Interoperability between Clouds – A Key Consideration

36% of the surveyed IT leaders said their multicloud environments are fully interoperable. Nearly 56% of the survey participants declared their cloud deployments to be interoperable to some extent.

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An overwhelming 87% of the respondents stressed the need for simplified management across their mixed cloud infrastructures. The key areas in this regard included platforms, tools, dashboards and configuration approaches.

The Top Multicloud Challenges

49% of the respondents declared the management of cyber security posture of hybrid and multicloud environments a major challenge. A similar 49% of the respondents found data integration across multiple clouds a key challenge.

Another 43% of the respondents cited costs across the hybrid or multicloud environments a major concern. Interestingly, 83% of the respondents declared the need for deploying hybrid multicloud as the optimal model out there.


A notable 61% of the respondents expressed their focus on offering flexible work setups to their employees. Despite the changing extents of remote work teams, the consensus view was that remote work is here to stay for the long haul.

The other aspect upon which most of the survey participants agreed was that multicloud deployments are most suited for the current large scale remote work practices in vogue. Perhaps the single key takeaway from this ECI survey is a move towards multicloud.

Given the complexities and challenges associated with multi cloud environments, enterprises will have to be mindful of the skillset of their in-house IT professionals, and the Cloud Service Providers (CSP) they end up choosing for hybrid multicloud.

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