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The dinCloud team was thrilled to once again take part in Ingram Micro’s Cloud Summit. Bringing together major technology players from across the nation, this event is focused on the cloud market and its ever-expanding scope.

We’ve summarized the key topics:

  • The importance of Consumption not Ownership
  • Cyber Security is Critical
  • Cloud growth to go beyond $216 Billion
  • Customer Retention vs. Customer Acquisition

Consumption not Ownership

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit Key Takeaways – dinCloud

Nimesh Davé, the Executive Vice President of the Global Cloud Department of Ingram Micro, presented on the topic of Cloud Infinity. Davé explained that we are entering an era of sharing, ushered in by what he calls the “sharing economy.” The trend is shifting away from ownership to consumption, due in large part to preference for experience over ownership. He cited a prediction from Jeremy Rifkin, a famous economist, who predicted that car sharing will become the norm with ownership declining within 25 years. This trend also applies to the main topic of the summit, with the rise of cloud over traditional on-premise systems.

Cyber Security is Critical

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit Key Takeaways – dinCloud

A study found that 1 in 5 UK firms has dealt with a cyber attack. In the wake of these attacks, companies are increasingly conscious of cyber security. As a result, the global market for cyber security is set to exceed $1 trillion by 2021.

Cloud Growth to Go Beyond $216 Billion

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit Key Takeaways – dinCloud

The reach of cloud is expanding, with the technology growing into prominent trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and autonomous machines. Capturing future growth, and the tremendous opportunity in cloud for technology providers around the country, it was projected that the cloud market size will continue to expand, surpassing $216 Billion.

Customer Retention vs. Customer Acquisition

In a keynote, the importance of customer retention in the cloud market and some concerning attrition figures were discussed. The session focused on the financial advantages of retaining business versus acquiring new customers, as it’s significantly less expensive to focus on the former, especially when you look at the “real cost” of customer attrition. The session also offered strategies for retaining customers with customer experience improvements.

Partner with dinCloud

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit Key Takeaways – dinCloud

dinCloud had another great showing at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2017. If you didn’t get the chance to stop by our booth, see our about us page to learn more. If you’re ready to take the next step, and partner with dinCloud, visit our Become a Partner page.