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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our personal, emotional and professional lives. Millions of businesses were forced to adapt to the “new normal” overnight and this was not easy by any stretch of imagination.

How will the Cloud Re-Shape Our Recovery from Covid-19

This pandemic also revealed some major loopholes in the planning of IT infrastructures that were otherwise considered adequately equipped. Amidst all this chaos and uncertainty, if we name one technology that had answers to all the questions, it was the Cloud.

Cloud and Digital Transformation

In the current scenario, no digital transformation can achieve the desired outcomes without incorporating Cloud Computing. So much so, we can say that most of the digital transformation now will revolve around cloud technologies.

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud add a whole new dimension of agility, flexibility and security to your existing IT infrastructures. This not only ensures mission critical processes remain unhindered, but there are numerous growth opportunities in it as well.

Hyper Scale Public Cloud will Grow Rapidly

Towards the end of year 2019, we saw some slack in the revenue growth figures for the public cloud. However, this trend was drastically reversed by the mid of 2020 due to skyrocketing demand for the services of public cloud providers like dinCloud.

Research giant Forrester has forecast a growth rate of 35% for the public cloud infrastructure market by the year 2021. This will propel the overall size of this cloud segment to a whopping US $120 BN.

In yet another interesting projection, Alibaba Cloud seems well poised to dethrone Google Cloud from the number three spot for the biggest public cloud providers when it comes to their generated revenues.

Development over Serverless and Containers will Spike

Prior to the pandemic, it was estimated that nearly 20% of the developers were relying on serverless or containerized environments to develop new applications or roll out improvements to the existing ones.

In the present scenario, it is expected that the demand for serverless deployment platforms will surge to 25%. Similarly, the demand for containerized environments is expected to reach 30%, as more developers rely on these platforms during the pandemic.

Disaster Recovery (DR) will be in the Cloud

This pandemic also revealed another major weak link in the traditional, on premise IT infrastructures of companies globally, which was inadequate preparation for Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios.

DR is yet another key area where cloud providers like dinCloud are expected to witness a very strong demand. Many reputable CSPs like dinCloud offer a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) mechanism built into the service.

One more reason that will prompt the flight of DR mechanisms to the cloud is a large data center footprint. In a well disbursed network of data centers, there is a robust mechanism for fail over that’s built into the very cloud infrastructure itself.

According to Forrester’s estimates, nearly 20% of enterprises globally will be shifting their DR operations to public cloud service providers like dinCloud. This transition is not expected as a makeshift arrangement, rather it is expected to remain as such even post pandemic.

Secure Remote Work

As per many surveys conducted during the pandemic, remote work will continue to stay even after we are past this health crisis. This is yet another domain where cloud services such as Hosted Virtual Desktops and Virtual Servers will play a pivotal role.

Cloud based platforms for remote work provide the employees seamless access to enterprise data and applications. This is further supported by a multi layered approach to cyber security at the cloud data center as well as endpoint tier.

It is expected that Cloud Service Providers like dinCloud will continue to play an instrumental role in enabling remote work. This will also accelerate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives across the globe, as no data will be residing over employee devices.


We can conclude that the Cloud will be playing an instrumental role in our recovery from this global pandemic. Cloud services such as dinHVD will make organizations flexible and responsive to the rapidly changing macro environment during and after Covid-19.

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