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In the present day and age, digital transformation has become more important than ever. Most people may associate this trend with the Covid-19 pandemic but fact of the matter is, the need to transform digitally was only accelerated by the pandemic.

How to Navigate Digital Transformation Challenges in 2021?

As the corporate world around us transforms, the need for digital evolution or transformation becomes all the more important. We would like to converge this discussion on three core areas, namely productivity, customer experience and employee experience.

For all intents and purposes, the entire digital transformation landscape revolves around the above three core areas. Now, transforming your enterprise to bring it at par with the latest trends is less of an option and more of a necessity.

Enterprises that still remain oblivious to this urgent need will soon find themselves at a great disadvantage as compared to their competitors. In some cases, the inability to transform digitally may even pose existential threats to an organization.

How to Enhance Productivity?

The productivity of an enterprise is often an accurately quantifiable measure of its efficiency. This is only possible if an enterprise has deigned its IT infrastructure in a way that it revolves around flexibility and agility.

Remote work capability, a core element of present day IT needs, has become the new norm. Now, enterprises will have to rely on in-house or cloud powered platforms such as Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops to enable secure remote work environments.

Transforming the Customer Experience

Another and perhaps the most crucial segment of digital transformation initiatives is taking the customer experience to a whole new level. The world is quickly moving towards contactless means of transacting.

What this means for a digitally powered enterprise is that now, your digital presence is the face of the company. The modern customer may never visit your physical store or outlet, so its imperative that all your product or service info is readily available over the web.

Now, being able to fully serve your customer over contactless channels is where the future is headed. What previously used to be the sole domain of e-commerce stores will now have to be adopted by most other business sectors as well.

Another element that is an in-direct part of the customer’s digital experience is contactless means of transacting. It is imperative that businesses not only offer digital modes of transacting, but also make them secure so customers can develop trust in them.

So, a customer that shares sensitive financial information over your website, such as credit card details, will need to be assured that its in safe hands. In certain jurisdictions and sectors, you may also need to meet independent regulatory compliance standards as well.

Employee Experience and Digital Transformation

The rapid evolution of the workplace also warrants transforming the employee experience. The true benefits of digital transformation initiatives will be realized only if employees are also a part of this evolution.

Employees need seamless access to enterprise data and productivity tools to get the job done. Now, employee productivity is no more strapped to just the physical confines of the workplace. Instead, you need to give reliable digital platforms such as DaaS.

Desktop as a Service or DaaS is a digital cloud technology that gives remote employees seamless access to data and other enterprise tools. They can access these resources over multiple devices, no matter which operating system (OS) they run.

The present day employee desires the freedom of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This is a win-win situation for both employees and employers at the same time. By implementing secure BYOD initiatives, businesses can also save many IT related overheads.


Digital Transformation is basically a mindset and journey. Even once we transition past this pandemic, this trend towards digital initiatives will not show any signs of slowing down. Enterprises need to evolve digitally and adopt a holistic approach.

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