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Over the past eventful months, IT Infrastructure and operations (I&O) managers have had to contend with a lot of challenges. The remote and hybrid work scenarios necessitated by the global pandemic have tremendously impacted enterprise IT operations.

Amidst all this chaos, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) emerged as a cloud technology which had answers to most of the challenges enterprises were facing during this health crisis of global proportions. In this post, we will briefly touch upon some of those factors.

How to Bridge Mobility, Agility and Security Challenges with DaaS

Mobility via DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) improves the mobility of your workforce by giving remote employees seamless access to enterprise data and applications. They can avail a uniform end user experience from their home, workplace or any other location.

DaaS Makes Businesses Agile

The business environment right now requires businesses to be agile to the constantly changing trends as well as shifting consumer behavior patterns. DaaS makes businesses agile by giving them access to instantly scalable Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops.

Bridging Security Challenges via DaaS

A hybrid workforce gives rise to a wide range of cyber security and data privacy challenges. With a quality DaaS solution like dinWorkspaces, security is no more a challenge. As a leading DaaS provider, dinCloud offers multi layered security built into the service.

Secondly, no sensitive enterprise data is stored over the individual employee devices. Instead, all your data is stored within one of the highly secure cloud data centers of the DaaS provider like dinCloud. This gives you added peace of mind about data privacy.


Whether it is a fully remote workforce or a hybrid setting, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) presents itself as a great value proposition and delivers un-rivaled ease of management. All the key aspects of the infrastructure and security are managed by the DaaS provider.

This in turn gives the enterprises which deploy DaaS, an un-matched peace of mind when it comes to the challenges regarding IT infrastructure and operations. One thing is important though, you have to choose your DaaS provider wisely to get the desired outcomes.

dinCloud is a leading DaaS provider in the cloud computing sphere. Our DaaS solutions not only come with multi layered security, but you also enjoy a fully transparent and flat rate pricing model for our DaaS offerings. This take all the guesswork out of the equation.

Contact dinCloud for DaaS solutions that are secure, reliable and cost efficient.

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