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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our personal and work lives. As the rollout of the vaccine begins in some parts of the globe, we expect to be returning to normal. However, the new normal may be quite different from where we left off.

How to Brace for the Post Pandemic Era?

We should be mindful that some of the changes brought along as a direct consequence of this pandemic may never get fully rolled back. The single most evident phenomenon during this crisis has been an unprecedented reliance on digital technologies.

According to a recent study conducted by McKinsey, this pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital initiatives by roughly four years. Many digitalization plans that were on the back burner were thrust to the forefront in response to this global crisis.

Let’s briefly sum up some the trends that are likely to gain more traction during 2021. We will also highlight the ways you can better equip your enterprise to align with those emerging trends.

Accelerated Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing technologies such as Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops proved the most capable platform to support remote work. Even when we get past this pandemic, studies have consistently shown that the Work from Home (WFH) trend is here to stay.

A move to the Cloud will further re-shape this trend to Work from Anywhere (WFX). We expect a further uptick in the adoption rates of cloud solutions. Enterprises that want to remain competitive in this new work trend will need technologies such as the Cloud.

Customers Go Digital

Even well before the pandemic, the trend of e-commerce was constantly on the rise. Due to the limitations imposed by Covid-19, customers will increasingly prefer online and contactless transaction models.

To compete on this front, businesses will have to further amplify their digital presence. Customers going forward will expect a holistic shopping experience over the web. Businesses will need to improve the delivery of information over the web.

Digital Transaction Channels

With interactions between consumers and seller going digital, it is but natural for transactions to also follow. To better compete in the new digital and contactless world, enterprises will have to adopt secure and fast digital transaction channels.

These channels will need to be structured around efficiency and security, as sensitive consumer information such as credit card information will come into play. A whole new dimension to this equation are crypto currencies as a medium of exchange too.

Employees Go Digital

There are two very interesting aspects of this major transition. Firstly, with such a global scale remote work scenario, companies will have access to some of the best human resource without the traditional limitations of time and space.

Secondly, businesses that truly want to tap into this potential will also need to upgrade the digital experience of their remote employees. They will need a seamless remote access to enterprise data, processes and productivity software or applications.

Automation to Rise

With increase in the overall digital footprint, we expect more and more organizational processes to become automated. This trend will be further accelerated with game changing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI will not only bring automation into the mix, rather we also expect certain processes to become more efficient as well as error free. This in turn will improve both the digital experiences of customers as well as employees.


While some of our matters may go back to where they started off, we can’t say the same for every aspect of our work or personal lives. Some changes brought along by this crisis of global proportions are here to stay for good, and you need to align yourself in time.

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