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Pharmaceutical companies are not new to the cloud, but not until recently, with widespread adoption and closer integration with core business processes, have industry-transforming benefits started to emerge.

The process of drug creation and delivery can be a lengthy one; it starts with intensive research and resource management to multiple rounds of trial testing, and ends with final approval and delivery to patients, a process that can take ten years. In an industry that has such a long product lifecycle, the cloud has helped address many challenges that pharmaceutical companies have faced historically.

How the Cloud is Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry

The bottleneck for pharmaceutical companies generally lies in constrained Research and Development (R&D) due to the need to protect and patent their intellectual property.  Security is necessary at every step of the process, and the cloud has helped ensure that. Important elements unique to the pharmaceutical industry such as molecular imaging, gene sequencing, and bioinformatics could benefit from the cloud’s scalable, flexible, and efficient infrastructure.

Data security has been a main concern for pharmaceutical companies wishing to leverage the cloud. The cloud has answered those questions, and could help store and transmit important clinical information, and sensitive data securely.

Take the Leap: Move to the Cloud

The cloud has helped pharmaceutical companies achieve efficiency by allowing them to store, compute, and share data within the cloud. The cloud has helped facilitate better communication throughout the entire process. Employees now have better accessibility of data across multiple levels of clinical managers and across geographical locations.

Pharmaceutical companies can streamline their operations process, communicate, and transfer data around the world. In addition to faster operations, the cloud has helped create increase scalability in IT infrastructure. To accommodate temporary staff, or fluctuating resource demands, pharmaceutical companies have the flexibility to spin their virtual resources up or down, in accordance with business requirements. When pharmaceutical companies partner with cloud service providers that offer high availability infrastructure, they can count on near-continuous uptime to power their operations.

Pharmaceutical companies who are hesitant about moving their infrastructure to the cloud should realize that the cloud can securely address many challenges unique to the industry. Many pharmaceutical companies have already embraced the cloud, and are operating with more efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and security. What are you waiting for?

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