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The very future of nations hinges on their ability to develop a robust education system. Across the globe, quality education institutions serve as a nursery for new talent that does wonders in different walks of life.

How is the Cloud Revolutionizing Education and Learning?

By investing in education, countries are in fact better preparing themselves for the future and the challenges it holds. However, education is a prohibitively expensive affair and even developed economies struggle to cope with its financial burden.

Amidst all this, there is one technology that has the ability to complete revolutionize the education sector and the overall learning experience. That piece of technology is Cloud Computing. In this post, we will elaborate how this can be done.

No More Expensive and Outdated Curriculum

The world around us is constantly evolving with new concepts being developed and existing concepts either being modified or nullified altogether. However, to incorporate all these changes in the student’s curricula, you need to re-print the material from scratch.

With the Cloud however, this is no longer an issue. By digitizing all the learning material and placing it over the Cloud, editing the material is no longer a costly affair. Only a central database of learning material will need to be updated and it will take full effect.

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Reduced On-Campus Hardware Costs

Even if some educational institutions do go for digitalization without the Cloud, the costs can be overbearing. First of all, they would need a dedicated data center that’s setup on-campus. You also need to constantly upgrade its capacity to accommodate new material.

Then there is the element of overheads associated with having an on-campus data center with expensive servers. You will need to give a specific environment to this expensive hardware to perform at its optimal level, which has additional overheads.

With the Cloud however, the need to have an on-campus data center is eliminated. All the learning material will be housed within state of the art data centers of a specialized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud, where you will pay only for the resources utilized.

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Un-rivaled Accessibility and Mobility

With learning making its way to the Cloud, the major hurdle of accessibility is promptly resolved. Students will have round the clock access to learning material, assignments, courses, quizzes and other stuff over the Cloud.

They will be able to access those resources seamlessly over their personal, low spec devices such as smartphones or tablets and get the job done. This is particularly helpful for lower income families who cannot afford to invest in pricey personal devices such as laptops.

Ease of Collaboration

With learning material over the Cloud, collaboration is extremely easy. This holds equally true for both students and the faculty members. Students can easily collaborate among themselves over digital channels such as virtual classrooms or discussion forums.

Then, teachers are also much more readily accessible over digital channels. They can respond to student queries at a time of their convenience, making the entire process much more streamlined and efficient.

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Reduced Paper Waste and Carbon Footprint

Both these factors have been major challenges for education providers. By taking education into the Cloud, a lot of paper related activities would be replaced with digital content such as online assignments, quizzes and other evaluation tests.

Then, by converging all the different on-campus data centers into the Cloud, the overall carbon footprint of education providers would be drastically reduced. This will also reduce the overall heat emissions into the atmosphere to a considerable extent.


So far as the education sector is concerned, the Cloud is nothing short of a blessing. It not only makes education much more accessible and affordable for the masses, but also improves our environment as well.

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