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The enterprise space is rapidly moving towards desktop virtualization. This not only reduces operational complexities for enterprises, but also offers a lot of other productivity related benefits along the way.

When we go deeper into desktop virtualization trends, on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) had traditionally ranked as the top choice. Since the pandemic though, a lot is changing on this front, and we are seeing rapid demand for cloud based solutions.

How dinCloud Solutions Make Hybrid and Remote Work a Seamless Affair?

In this post, we will discuss the general advantages of using the desktop virtualization solutions of leading Virtual Desktop provider dinCloud. We will also highlight the factors that make dinCloud’s solutions stand out from the competition.

Flexible and Agile

In today’s business environment, operational flexibility and agility rank among the top priorities for enterprises. This is an area where dinCloud’s virtual desktop solutions really stand out, as they are fully compatible with multiple operating systems (OS) and devices.

This gives your fully remote, or hybrid workforce the flexibility and agility they desire for optimal productivity. The device they use, or their location from where they are accessing organizational resources becomes completely irrelevant with dinCloud’s solutions.

Secure and Compliant

Traditionally, organizations that operated in heavily regulated industries like Healthcare and Finance were hesitant to adopt public cloud solutions. However, there has been a major shift in this trend over the past two years or so.

Due to the top notch security and privacy posture that was provided by leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) over the past months, enterprises are now much more comfortable with the idea of migrating their on-premise workloads to the public cloud.

Improved Management and Automation

IT administrators lately have a lot on their plates, and the last thing they want to manage right now are complex, on-premise infrastructures. The administrative and cyber security related hassles of on-premise deployments are too overwhelming for IT managers.

A Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution by dinCloud, on the other hand, relieves your IT teams from most of the IT management tasks, as they are being handled by your DaaS provider. Most workloads in the Cloud are driven by automation and self monitoring.

Ease of Monitoring

In most remote or hybrid work environments, visibility is proving to be a major challenge. The less your IT managers can see what’s happening across the IT environment of your organization, the more worried should they be, about issues like security and privacy.

As a provider of leading desktop virtualization solutions, dinCloud provides an indigenously developed cloud orchestration portal called dinManage. This intuitive portal not only gives you full visibility into your IT environment, but also empowers you to manage a lot of stuff.

With dinManage, your IT personnel can monitor all key metrics related to their virtual desktop environments. That is not all, this intuitive portal also enables you to provision or de-provision our cloud resources on the fly, saving you lots of time and efforts.

The time and energies you save via our dinManage portal can be channelized towards real productivity, one that drives value for the enterprise. Via dinManage, you can automate most of your cloud management related tasks in a seamless manner.

Transparent and Cost Efficient

At dinCloud, we believe in delivering top notch desktop virtualization solutions that are priced competitively and transparently. We achieve this feat via a Flat Rate Pricing Model, which comes with no hidden fees or other un-welcome surprises.

This in turn puts you in the driving seat, when it comes to deciding which type of desktop virtualization solutions you actually need, and what will such solutions be costing you down the road. This in turn makes planning and forecasting a whole lot easier.


The future of desktop virtualization lies in the public cloud. Enterprises with on-premise IT infrastructures or private clouds are quickly realizing that the overhead costs and operational complexities associated with such deployments are way too much.

As a result, we should see the public cloud emerge as the top choice of enterprises, when it comes to re-aligning their IT operations for a fully remote or hybrid workforce. Leading desktop virtualization solutions providers like dinCloud are making this a lot easier.

If you are an enterprise that wants to migrate its on-premise or private cloud workloads to the public cloud, you don’t need to look any farther than dinCloud.