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The ongoing pandemic has pivoted organizations from the physical workplace towards remote work. However, any mass scale and prolonged remote work solution is no easy feat. In addition to ensuring seamless productivity, security is also a huge concern.

How dinCloud Solutions Fulfill Your Remote Work Needs?

Most enterprises that planned for remote work in the initial days of this crisis had not thought that this arrangement would linger on this much. So, such remote work solutions were primarily designed as a stop gap arrangement.

However, the events that have unfolded over the past eighteen months have confirmed that remote work is here to stay, most likely for good. Now, organizations have to view their remote work platforms in a whole new light.

While we are at it, let’s discuss some of the compelling features of dinCloud’s solutions from a remote readiness perspective.

dinCloud Hosted Workspaces

This is one of dinCloud’s leading cloud solution as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, also called dinCloud Hosted Workspaces, are fully virtualized instances of a full-on Windows 10 desktop PC.

You get all the functionality of a Win 10 desktop PC, with the added luxury of accessing it from anywhere, so long as you have access to the internet. You can use multiple endpoints to access dinCloud’s Hosted Workspace such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

As a leading provider of Cloud solutions, dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD) is a one stop solution to all your remote productivity needs. It comes equipped with some of the best enterprise grade software to ensure seamless remote productivity.

No On-Premise Infrastructure

dinHVD does not require any on-premise hardware to function, making it one of the most notable benefits of our Cloud product. By eliminating the need for on-premise data centers, you save both Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and administrative expenses (OpEx).

All the virtualized instances of our Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops are created and maintained within one of dinCloud’s state of the art global datacenters. These datacenters are equipped with some of the best physical and cyber security controls.

Centralization of Enterprise Data

In traditional IT infrastructures, it is common that you critical enterprise data is stored across multiple endpoint devices being used by your employees. This opens up your data to a host of internal vulnerabilities and external threats.

There may also be cases where an employee’s device is either lost or stolen. In that case, you also risk losing valuable enterprise data for good. With dinHVD however, no data is stored over individual employee devices, rather its safe in one of our data centers.

Two Factor User Authentication (2FA)

In case of the physical workplace, perimeter security is easy as you come within the fold of a secure internal network. In case of remote work however, employees are accessing data and other resources outside this secure perimeter.

The possibility of an employee’s device being misused can’t also be completely ruled out. So, before an employee accesses your data via a dinCloud Hosted Workspace, the user will have to pass through a secure 2FA solution to gain any access to your data.

Ease of Management with dinManage

dinManage is our proprietary Cloud Management Portal that lets you manage your entire cloud environment from a single pane of glass. This intuitive portal not only delivers you real-time metrics about your cloud environment, but also lets you fully manage resources.

We have also integrated our Marketplace within dinManage, so that you can instantly provision additional cloud resources as your needs change. Our cloud powered remote work solution has been designed for the long haul.

Contact Us for some of the most secure, robust and affordable remote work solutions for your existing as well as future productivity needs.