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Today, we live in a super competitive world. Innovative business ideas and numerous startups have resulted in a very disruptive environment. In these difficult times for businesses, creating a good first, and lasting impression is critical for any business.

On top of this, we have seen major shifts in consumer behavior. Today’s customer is less about physical interaction with your product or service, and more about contactless means of transacting with you.

So, this is yet another area where businesses need to evolve big time. Then, it is also very important for businesses to keep the customer engaged at every stage of the whole customer experience, or a customer’s life cycle, so to say.

How Cloud Based Contact Centers are Proving a Game Changer?

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It all starts from the prospecting phase, when a customer is just looking and comparing the so many different options out there. Then, the customer tends to shortlist a couple or so best options and proceeds towards the final purchase decision.

During this phase, there can be many questions, queries, concerns and doubts in a customer’s mind. In order to allay those concerns, and address any questions, businesses need to take the customer along every single step.

Once a customer has been satisfied on all the concerns and clarifications, the actual purchase decision is made. From the perspective of any business, the customer relationship life cycle is still far from over.

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When a customer interacts with your product or service, many new questions or concerns may arise, which need to be clarified. Lastly, there is the all important issue of after sales services, which are a major source of competitive edge in today’s business world.

The ultimate success in terms of Customer Experience, comes in the form of securing yourself a repeat customer. Such a satisfied customer will not only come to you again for certain related needs, but could also convince more potential customers.

Contact Center Operations – A Critical Bridge

During the entire Customer Experience Life Cycle we have discussed above, a Contact Center is the most critical piece of the puzzle. Businesses are realizing this now, more than ever, and are consolidating as well as modernizing their contact center infrastructures.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of Cloud based Contact Centers for businesses, and how they can prove a game changer for businesses across the globe.

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What is a Cloud Contact Center?

As the name suggests, a Cloud Contact Center is hosted out of the infrastructure of a specialized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud. The deploying enterprise stands to enjoy a lot of benefits from this model, some of which are listed below.

Multi Channel Customer Support

Today’s customer desires support over multiple channels, whichever suits the customer best. No business can afford to say that a certain support channel, for instance call, is not offered, as it can be detrimental to the brand.

Cloud Contact Centers, being software and internet based, offer multi channel support mediums such as call, messaging, chat, video chat, screen sharing, email and the list of options goes on. The other benefit is that all these channels are consolidated.

How Cloud Based Contact Centers are Proving a Game Changer?

Cost Savings

On premise contact center operations typically make up a major chuck of the overhead costs of any business. Cloud Contact Centers, on the other hand, act as a source of cost savings, as they do not require any hardware setup on premise.

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CapEx to OpEx Model

In a typical, on-premise contact center, you will need a dedicated office space, workstations, hardware and all other related equipment. This not only adds up to your Capital Expenditures (CapEx), but is also a source of recurring operating costs.

Cloud Contact Centers offer businesses unrivaled flexibility in terms of costs. Firstly, a business gets to choose the channels of support it wants to offer customers, bearing in mind its unique business model and target audience.

Secondly, Cloud Contact Centers charge you only for the cloud resources that you actually use. Leading CSPs like dinCloud otherwise offer an un-rivaled Flat Rate Pricing Model, which takes the element of any sneaky hidden costs out of the equation.

On the Fly Scalability

Cloud Contact Centers offer un-rivaled flexibility to businesses, as they can be scaled up or down on the fly, with no underlying hardware changes required. As a result, you can scale your Contact Center operations up or down, as per changing business needs or cycles.

Quick On-Boarding of Customer Support Agents

In Cloud Contact Centers, on-boarding new talent is just a few minutes and clicks away. The whole setup for any newly inducted agent is seamless, and the same is true when you are scaling down these operations, as all this happens in a software defined environment.

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Stellar Customer Experiences

By providing your Customer Support Agents with the right set of technology, Cloud Contact Centers result in exceptional customer experiences with minimal effort and costs. Good customer experiences result in stable revenue streams, and sustained profitability.

Ideal for Remote Operations

With a Cloud Contact Center behind your back, your business can easily shift its Customer Support Operations to full on remote work. This reduces your overhead costs, and remote operations are otherwise well immune to disruptive events, such as a pandemic.


When it comes to delivering superb customer experiences, Cloud Contact Centers are a no-brainer. They offer your business un-rivaled flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. All you need is a sound service provider like dinCloud, and the rest is taken care of.

If you are a business that is looking to deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging Cloud Contact Center operations, then dinCloud, an ATSG company, is the best option for you out there.

Just get in touch with one of our cloud solution specialists, or request a Free Demo of our offering.