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What is a Citrix Receiver?

A Citrix Receiver is a Client software of Citrix Workspace and Citrix Virtual Apps. It can allow an end user access Virtualized Desktops through Citrix Workspace and also access individual applications through Citrix Virtual Apps from a host, server or a cloud infrastructure.

Citrix Receiver can provide access and Installation to a variety of devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Google Chromebook, Mac OS X, iPad, Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux and even embedded Operating Systems.

What is Citrix Receiver

What is Citrix Systems?

Citrix Systems Inc. is an American Multinational Company which deals in designing and developing technology solutions and facilitates the applications to be delivered on-demand. Citrix Systems provide a comprehensive set of products and services of Cloud Computing Technologies including desktop, server and application Virtualization, networking and Software-as-a-Service. Citrix Systems are now being used by 400,000 clients worldwide which include 98% of the Fortune 500 companies.

What is Citrix Systems

A Citrix Receiver has:

  • Fast Loading Time
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Performance Optimization

How does a Citrix Receiver work?

Citrix Receiver is compliant with HDX Protocol built with the ICA (Independent Computing Architecture) Protocol. ICA protocol defines a way for data passage between server and clients. It sends keyboard and mouse input from the client to the remote server and receives screenshot updates on the client device. The traffic between the server and the client is handled by the receiver. HDX facilitates this set of processes by adding High Definition Experience to the Applications.

Upon visiting its download page, it automatically detects the Operating System installed and proceeds further with the desired Client software to Download. It connects remote devices including Citrix Workspace, Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Access Gateway, XenVault Secure Storage, and other Citrix services.

As of August 2018, Citrix Receiver has been replaced by Citrix Workspace app, which is similar to the Citrix Receiver and has the same functioning capabilities of a Citrix Receiver, as well as some additional functionalities dependent on your businesses and the Citrix Service being deployed.

dinCloud and Citrix Collaboration

The progression of Digital Transformation is forcing businesses to merge and adopt a more progressing strategy for their clients. For the same reason, dinCloud has collaborated with Citrix to provide:


  • Enhanced security
  • Increased IT control
  • Mobilized workforce
  • Greater operational efficiency

The collaboration between the both will provide their clients easy to use platforms and better accessibility of the services deployed in their Infrastructure. Additional features include IT cost reduction, , simplified management via dinManage, strategic workflow and increased productivity in the workplace.


dinCloud and Citrix Collaboration is already easing up a number of organizations in their Digital Transformation venture. Contact dinCloud today and ask further how the collaboration can assist your business in Digital Transformation.