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After extensively hearing the phrase “remote work”, repeatedly over the past months, we are now entering a phase of hybrid work scenarios. As the name suggests, this model will be a combination of remote and office based employees.

During the past few months, enterprises have realized that not every job role is suited to full-on remote work. There are certain areas where employees may have to return to the workplace, a process that has already started in some industries.

However, the coordination between in-office employees, and their colleagues still working from the safety of their homes, will be crucial for the overall achievement of organizational goals within the stipulated timelines.

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How Are Cloud Technologies Enabling Hybrid Work and Remote Collaboration?

Why a Cloud First Approach?

During the past months, Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud have demonstrated the readiness and suitability of their solutions for both remote, as well as hybrid work models. So, most enterprises are now rapidly moving towards a cloud first approach.

Cloud solutions such as dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktops deliver enterprise employees a uniform productivity environment, regardless of whether it’s the workplace or home. This makes it easy to bridge the gap between remote and in-office employees.

Flexible platforms like the Cloud also enable employees operating from different geographies to connect over a secure and uniform environment. This results in way better coordination, even if all employees don’t come at the workplace themselves.

Cloud Based Remote Collaboration

Whether it’s a full blown remote work, or a hybrid setup, cloud powered remote collaboration tools are proving to be a lifesaver for millions of professionals out there. The Cloud has also brought some other powerful technologies within its sphere.

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The Cloud Enables Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

During remote collaboration, especially in scenarios that involve a product’s design, aesthetics, functionality or features, real-time illustrations are required. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) are two technologies that can make this happen.

However, both VR and AR are very resource intensive technologies, as they deliver such an immersive end user experience that at times, a person won’t be able to distinguish between reality and animation.

Most enterprises, especially the small to medium sized ones (SME), do not have these storage and processing resources on premise. The Cloud makes these technologies available, accessible and affordable for countless such enterprises.

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Cloud Powered Collaboration Tools

Whether its hybrid or remote work, it clearly implies that employees are not converged at a single workplace, which normally used to be the case in the pre-pandemic times. In such scenarios, visualizing, executing and monitoring of projects becomes very crucial.

This is yet another area where the Cloud clearly stands out from rest of the options that are available out there. Due to a centralized environment where all the data and other resources are housed, every team member is fully aware of where a project is headed.

All additions, reductions or tweaks to on-going projects become visible to all the relevant team members in real-time. This normally does not happen in legacy environments, where certain team members may remain completely un-aware of any changes.

By the time they realize that there have been certain changes to a project, product or service design, a lot of precious time and human resources have already gone waste. Cloud based collaboration platforms are largely immune from such mishaps.


From the above scenarios, it is quite evident that Cloud powered solutions like Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops and Servers can play a leading role in enabling hybrid work environments and remote collaboration among physically dispersed employees.

Contact dinCloud for a wide range of cloud solutions that are robust, secure and reliable for your home as well as office needs.