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It’s impossible to watch the news and not hear about the tragedy that has befallen one of Hollywood’s biggest names (Sony employees to meet with FBI over hacked personal data).

Security Issues Facing Entertainment

Image #1: Serious security issues are facing the entertainment industry

The forensics on the Sony attack have not been fully revealed, but as usual in these cases, it appears to be a confluence of people, technology and practices.

Secure IT Requires a Secure System

This is where dinCloud comes in. dinCloud has created a practice dedicated to providing secure data management from transit, to access, to storage. dinCloud understands that the solution does NOT lie in a single component – but via a secure implementation of technology via a systematic approach to technology deployment.

dinCloud Secure Cloud System

Image #2: dinCloud has created a cloud system that secures data per custom by its unique deployment of dedicated virtual private data centers for storage, servers and desktops.

1. Redundant high speed internet connect:

  • Support speeds up to any customer demand, including 10GB
  • Multiple providers and full MPLS support

2. Secure Border Routers:

  • BGP routing
  • Dedicated ASN number

3. 2-Factor authentication for all VPN users:

  • Utilizing X.509 authentication


  • Reputation IP interrogation for all traffic
  • Real time evaluation of outside IPs

5. Dedicated virtual router/firewall appliance:

  • Configured to VPC requirements
  • Isolated customer environment

6. Dedicated SSL Gateway:

  • Site-to-site IPSEC VPN connectivity
  • AES 256 data encryption on all data in transit

7. Internal IP addresses:

  • dinCloud sells and maintains IP addresses for intranet

8. Encrypt all data on all component – data at rest:

  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Desktops

9. Snapshots – daily backup:

  • 1 full daily snapshot
  • 10 days of incremental backups

10. Desktop security:

  • Installed anti-virus
  • Installed personal firewall
  • Installed Trend Micro Office Scan

11. dinAuth:

  • A separate customized authentication system which can conducts:
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Accepts federated identities

12. dinManage:

  • dinCloud’s own cloud orchestration system
  • Not vulnerable to OpenStack or other hacks

Contact us – and we’ll give you a demo! All the best! Cloud on!