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While a lot of people are talking about the slip up with the premature earnings release for Google’s Q3 earnings call – I focused on something a little different from the call.

Google CEO Larry Page Talks About Mobility and Devices

During the earnings call, CEO Larry Page, who still had a hoarse voice, commented briefly on the opportunity around devices driven by mobility.

“And we use these devices interchangeably, depending on our situation. I switch between my Nexus phone, my Nexus 7 tablet and my new Chromebook that we just announced today many times a day. While this abundance causes disruption, it also creates amazing opportunity.”

While Google and CEO Larry Page want others to join the 1.3 million other Android subscribers daily, the reality is that not only do we live in a world of multi-device – but it is also multi-platform. The challenge compounds…

Google’s Page Mentions Devices Causing Disruption

Multiple devices indeed can cause disruption. You move from reading an email on your phone, to wanting reply with an attachment from your laptop – without cloud, it can be challenging.

CEO Larry Page continued on, “Because as screens multiply, it’s more important than ever that we converge our services.”

A unified workspace in essence. If you give users a cloud-based workspace, then they will have a consistent experience as they transition from one device to another – regardless of who makes the device, and what platform it runs (Android, Apple iOS, Linux, Windows).

Next Generation Data Center

Google CEO Larry Page made a similar comment on the earnings call, “Users want one consistent, beautiful and simple *** experience.”

*** – I removed the word ‘Google’ where the asterisks are. Because in reality, the business world runs on more than just Google.

Screen Independence as in Device Independence

Also during the earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page made a very fundamental statement, “Technology should do all the hard work, liberating users to get on with the important things that matter in their lives and this screen independence is at the core…”

In our view, not just technology – but the cloud service provider can do all the hard work. As a technology and service provider, we can handle all the integration and upkeep of the technology that enables the end-user to jump from one device to another.

Is Google’s CEO endorsing what dinCloud does?

If you look at the statements made during the earnings call – We are sure you would also come to the same conclusion – the future is about liberating the user from the device. The solution is a virtual workspace that sits in the cloud, and can be tapped by any device to deliver a consistent and personalized experience to every user.

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