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While the cloud is nothing new, the way you approach it with customers can be. Any sales organization engaged in cloud sales can achieve growth. Organizations looking to achieve transformative growth in their cloud business, should ensure a cutting-edge strategy is guiding its sales efforts.

In that sentiment, we’ve compiled our top tips to earn more in the cloud in the New Year. Come January, get your head in the clouds. You won’t regret it!

Five Ways to Earn More in the Cloud in 2016 - dinCloud

Expand Your Horizons

The cloud landscape is dramatically different than it was just a few years ago, so it’s time to get up to speed! DaaS (Desktop as a Service) use cases continue to evolve and demand for cloud servers, storage, and virtual private clouds continue to see growth and interest. If you don’t approach customers about a cloud conversation, a competitor will.

Think Outside the Box

Help educate CxOs about the cloud. Those that are not already expending efforts to move to the cloud are probably apprehensive and looking for a reliable partner. By bringing this to their attention, help them think outside their premises and into the cloud.

Address Security Concerns

Apprehension over cloud security has not dissipated. With heightened attention comes opportunity. Security concerns open up valuable conversation about selecting the right provider. Guide your customers to the realization that while not all infrastructure is created equal, cloud service providers tend to have a greater stake in providing resilient systems.

Seek out Cloud Use Cases

The cloud offers value to any organization, but there is a particularly salient use case when a company undergoes a merger or acquisition. With dinCloud, there is also the opportunity to work with organizations facing industry regulation (as not all clouds comply). Key verticals include: healthcare, Retail and law firms.