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While the governments and masses across the globe were fighting a raging pandemic, cyber criminals were busy wreaking havoc with the networks as well as data of federal and state level institutions. Some of these cyber attacks culminated in major disruptions as well.

As a result, governments across the globe are turning towards cloud providers and solutions. Tech consultancy firm Avasant recently released a report titled “Government Cloud Platforms 2021-2022 RadarView”.

The report takes into account some of the major factors that are fuelling the adoption of public cloud solutions by federal and state institutions. The foremost reason behind this cloud adoption is better regulatory compliance and data governance.

Factors that are Accelerating Cloud Adoption by Governments

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Governmental institutions are finding it difficult to cope with the ever increasing regulatory compliance needs, as they are busier in “firefighting” the massive disruptions induced by the Covid-19 pandemic, rather than fending off complex cyber attacks.

Cloud providers, on the other hand, already have robust compliance and data governance controls in place. What leading cloud providers have done further is, they’ve designed customized cloud solutions that are geared specifically towards governmental use cases.

Lowering of IT infrastructure and licensing costs is yet another reason that is encouraging government entities to move over to the Cloud. In the case of public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud, these costs are built into the service in most cases.

Enhanced collaboration among the different remote employees of the same institution, and even inter-departmental communication, is more streamlined over the Cloud. This results in better and much more streamlined coordination at the governmental level.

By shifting the various citizen facing aspects of government institutions over to the Cloud, the masses are treated to a much better end user experience. At the end of the day, every citizen is a “customer” of the government, and expects to be treated that way.

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The loads of cyber attacks on the networks of government institutions at times completely disrupted their citizen facing operations. What comes as a bigger surprise is that even the government’s defense and intelligence data is also making its way to the Cloud now.

While this sensitive data is being entertained by specialized cloud solutions, it is still a testament to the level of security and compliance present day cloud solutions have to offer. The Cloud’s better coherence with modern technologies is also a key reason for adoption.

Governments are now finding a move to the Cloud almost inevitable, when they see its natural coherence with modern technologies like Edge Computing and 5G. This merger of modern technologies will enable the ultimate goal of smart cities and civic services.

Lastly, cloud providers deserve the due credit for being well equipped and prepared for not only enterprise workloads, but the processes of governmental institutions as well. All this was made possible due to a strong cyber security and data governance mechanism.

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