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We are pleased to announce the latest service in our innovative line of cloud offerings. dinRDS, a turnkey remote desktop service from dinCloud, enables users to access session-based workspaces.

Who is dinRDS Ideal for?

dinRDS is beneficial for users looking to access session-based desktops, but don’t require dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, or Memory. Users have the ability to scale up or down their resources based on their needs via our cloud provisioning console.

dinRDS can be used to meet the needs of users and organizations with multiple requirements. It is particularly useful for:

  • Single light or single app users
  • Organizations looking to scale
  • Organizations who-by corporate policy- can’t customize their desktops

Cloud Orchestration Portal

Through our cloud orchestration portal, you can deploy multiple desktops to a group of users without dedicating a virtual desktop to each user. Users can opt for a persistent or non-persistent session. A persistent session allows users to log back on where they left off, whereas a non-persistent session does not save any profile configurations after the user has logged off.

Simplify your Infrastructure

Users no longer have to deal with the hassle of logging into the corporate environment via VPN or a corporate device. By using a remote desktop service, users can leverage the power of the data center. Our secure virtual private data centers process data centrally and streams users’ information from the cloud to their device.

To learn more about how dinCloud’s latest turn-key remote desktop service can benefit you, visit our dinRDS page, or request information.