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dinCloud has just introduced a new feature to its cloud orchestration platform, dinManage. Now available, cloud analytics and monitoring from dinCloud will enable dinManage users to create custom reports that detail the data utilization of a particular virtual machine. This includes analytics on CPU, memory, etc.

dinManage: New Cloud Analytics and Monitoring Feature - dinCloud

This new feature will also enable dinManage users to setup monitoring alerts, which gives users data on when utilizations reach certain levels. This tool can be helpful insight for people unsure of how much resources to allocate to particular departments. Users can now choose where they can shift their unused usage, which can help them save on costs.

dinManage: New Cloud Analytics and Monitoring Feature - dinCloud

dinCloud collects data at 1-minute intervals, generating reports that include:

  • Local drive utilization (depending upon the number of DISK added to the machine) – a feature unique to dinCloud
  • Total DISK utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • CPU utilization
  • Read/Write throughputs
  • Network IN/Network OUT speeds

dinManage: New Cloud Analytics and Monitoring Feature - dinCloud

These metrics are provided to dinCloud customers in simple and concise reports, which are kept on file for up to two weeks.

This new feature has an exciting string of benefits, including:

  • Grab and view real‐time VM stats within dinManage
  • The stats will include the utility and availability of CPU, Memory, Disk usage (in case of multiple drives, the stats display separately for each drive), disk IOPs and Network in and out time
  • Complex data analysis presented in easy to understand reports with graphics, maps and charts
  • Set up usage thresholds on the specific virtual machine elements, and receive email alerts when these thresholds are reached
  • Set alert thresholds on VM elements such as RAM, CPU, Disk, Network In/Out, Disk IOPs
  • Select from a wide range of alert conditions available for each element
  • Set up VM to automatically restart or shut down once a VM element breaches a specified threshold

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dinCloud’s cloud analytics and monitoring features are available as optional add-ons for existing customers with hosted virtual desktop and hosted virtual server products. Pricing is based on price per virtual machine, per month for analytics, and price per virtual machine, per month for monitoring.