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In the realm of Cloud Computing, Desktop as a Service or DaaS can easily be considered the backbone of organizational productivity and agility. However, once you start prospecting for a DaaS solution, you need to look around wisely and choose only the best.

What Makes dinHVD a Turnkey DaaS Solution

The traditional IT infrastructure model which revolves around individual, end point devices is fading really fast. Organizations are rapidly making the transition to cloud technologies to manage their routine workloads.

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What Makes DaaS Stand Out

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud powered technology that revolves around delivering simplicity, flexibility and agility in how your workforce performs its assigned tasks. Modern DaaS solutions, like the one offered by dinCloud, extends way beyond just a desktop.

The one factor that makes DaaS stand out from the crowd of cloud technologies is that all the underlying IT infrastructure that supports your data, applications and workloads is fully managed by your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like dinCloud.

Capability of dinCloud Hosted Workspace

dinCloud has designed its DaaS solution keeping in view your organization’s existing as well as future computing needs. dinCloud Managed Desktops are your turnkey DaaS solution that has the capability to serve your desktop virtualization needs effectively.

Intro to dinCloud HVD

Our DaaS solution (dinHVD), comes with a fully virtualized Windows 10 desktop experience. You can access our Virtual Desktops across a multitude of device platforms such as a tablet, laptop or desktop PC. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

dinHVD and Productivity

Our DaaS solution is designed and built around productivity. You enjoy 24/7/365 access to your Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop whether at the office, home or while travelling. Our HVDs are fully capable of handling processing intensive workloads as well.

Virtualized Productivity Applications

In case your organizational needs demand specialized enterprise software or applications, we can seamlessly integrate our HVDs with fully virtualized, patched and licensed productivity software or applications.


dinCloud Managed Virtual Desktops are designed with flexibility as one of the top priorities. Our DaaS solution is compatible with devices that run on multiple operating systems. You can access dinHVDs over your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


At dinCloud, we are fully aware that your business needs will evolve over time. Your organization will also have to adjust with seasonal trends in workforce demand. Our DaaS solution allows you to scale up or down instantaneously in line with changing needs.

Cyber Security

The DaaS solution offer by dinCloud has been coupled with some of the industry’s leading standards of cyber security. We adopt a multi faceted approach to secure our global data centers that includes firewalls, intrusion detection, malware protection and encryption.

Our data centers are also compliant with some of the industry leading standards of physical security. When you entrust your valuable data to us, we are fully committed to securing it from external threats as well as internal vulnerabilities.

End Point Security

Most cloud solutions, including DaaS are most vulnerable at the tier of end point devices. Keeping this vulnerability in mind, we have employed a Multi Factor User Authentication protocol so that the weakest link in the cloud chain is fully secured.

DaaS Management

To manage your DaaS solution, dinCloud has designed a very intuitive Cloud Management Portal called dinManage. This is your unified platform for managing all major facets of your DaaS solution such as user assignment, scalability and application assignment.

Superior User Experience

At the end of day, it all boils down to a seamless user experience. dinHVD delivers one of the most robust and reliable end user experience over its Cloud Managed Desktops. A superior user experience ultimately translates into higher productivity and motivation.


dinCloud Hosted Workspaces are a one stop DaaS solution for all your existing and future virtualization needs. Our robust, secure and reliable HVDs are ideal for all your productivity and business continuity needs.