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The cloud is under attack – and dinCloud acknowledges the threat!

40% say they are “Less Confident in Storing Data in the Cloud”

This is just a staggering figure. No one argues that the cloud is not only a convenient mechanism for offering IT services but, by 2014, a logistical necessity. And to have 40% of respondents in a recent Information Week poll say they don’t trust the cloud is a problem IT and the entire community must address (see Image #1).
icloud hack

Image #1:  Information Week poll showed that 40% of respondents are “less confident” in storing data in the cloud.

dinCloud Responds:  Mandatory 2-Factor on All Accounts

Last Friday, dinCloud automatically put mandatory 2-Factor on ALL accounts The purpose was twofold: (1) Secure our cloud tenants against “sloppy” neighbors and (2) continue our efforts to restore confidence in the cloud.

The first point is relevant because by putting in mandatory 2-Factor on all administrative accounts (see image #2), we ensure that all admins that are utilizing our powerful cloud orchestration tool are legitimate licensed users. As security specialists, we know that users, once inside the “perimeter,” can be your worst enemy (Ref:  Bloomberg on Internal Threats). In addition, it’s been established that passwords alone are simply NOT a legitimate mechanism to secure resources anymore (Ref: BusinessInsider – 90% of Passwords Vulnerable).

dincloud dinauth

Image #2:  dinCloud has an integrated and MANDATORY 2-Factor system for all customers utilizing dinManage, dinCloud’s unique cloud orchestration tool

dinCloud Takes Cloud Security Seriously

dinCloud distinguishes itself from other cloud vendors by taking security seriously. dinCloud offers:

  • 1-Dedicated Virtual Firewalls/Routers
  • 2-Factor Authentication for all admins
  • 3-Automatic IP reputation services
  • 4-IP Anycast Routing (Secure DNS)
  • 5-Dedicated VPNs per customer
  • 6-IPS on internal segments
  • 7-DataCenter redundancy with BGP Routing
  • 8-VEEAM Backup

For more information on our Cloud Solutions, please visit our Products page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.