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Remote work has become the new norm and organizations across the globe are adapting to this new trend. While most entities did resurrect makeshift solutions to support remote employees, security and coordination have been persistent challenges.

dinCloud Hosted Workspaces – A Reliable and Secure Remote Work Platform

When we talk of a long term remote work strategy, you simply cannot move forward with weak or inconsistent systems. To attain this feat, you need a remote work platform that’s secure, reliable, scalable and most of all, cost effective.

Lets briefly highlight some of the most obvious challenges and constraints you are quite likely to face along your journey towards long term readiness for remote work.


With most of your workforce working remotely, security becomes a major challenge. Most employees will be accessing company’s resources over completely insecure or compromised networks and devices.


So far as compliance is concerned, there has been no relief. On the contrary, compliance standards have become even more stringent as the adoption of cloud increases. So, you need a remote work platform like dinCloud Hosted Workspaces for the best compliance.

Financial Constraints

Amidst Covid-19, organizations have bled a lot of money and are financially constrained to undertake huge investments. So, they need a remote work platform that is financially viable and does not entail any capital expenditures (CapEx).

Human Resources

In the present scenario, there is severe shortage of skilled cloud and cyber security experts to make your in house remote work solutions impervious to present day threats. This can prove as a major constraint, even if you may have the financial muscle.


Typically, it is very costly to enhance the capacity of on premise infrastructures. You need to procure costly hardware and then integrate it with your existing systems. Only then would you be able to enhance the capacity of the remote work solution.


The trend of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is constantly on the rise but unless you have a robust security in place, this can put your valuable enterprise data at grave risk of loss as well as theft. So, BYOD cannot be put into place without proper checks n balances.

dinCloud Hosted Workspaces – Perfect for Remote Work

At dinCloud, we have always focused on providing the latest cloud technologies to our users. As soon as the pandemic resulted in an unprecedented need for remote work solutions, dinCloud Hosted Workspaces (dinHVD) were there to answer.

Below are a few compelling reasons that make dinHVDs the perfect answer to all your remote work needs.

  • dinHVDs serve you with a fully virtualized Windows 10 Desktop experience, capable of running all the latest software and applications.
  • Our Hosted Workspaces are compatible with all mainstream operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.
  • dinHVDs can be accessed over a wide range of endpoint devices that include smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • We secure your remote environment with multi-layered security that includes encryption, 2FA, malware as well as ransomware protection and much more.
  • To secure your endpoint devices being used by remote employees, we also offer Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints and Servers, a world class security tool.
  • For managing your entire remote work environment, we offer dinManage, which is a one in all web based portal that caters to all your needs related to management.
  • dinCloud Hosted Workspaces are offered at a flat rate monthly subscription model, so your remote work solution won’t come with any unwelcome surprises.


Remote work is here to stay, and maybe for good. So, now is the time to make yourself remote ready through a platform that is secure, reliable, flexible, versatile and productive. dinCloud Hosted Workspaces tick all the right boxes.

Contact Us for more information about dinCloud’s remote work solutions. We are also offering a 14 Days Free Trial to get things rolling!