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About dinCloud

dinCloud is a Cloud Services Provider offering hosted virtual servers, desktops, storage, dns, firewalls, load balancers, security components, voice and transport out of 110+ Equinix datacenters worldwide. dinCloud is distributed by Ingram Micro, Tech Data and Arrow while resold by CDW, Insight Enterprises, En Pointe Technologies, Tiger Direct and 127+ national and international VARs.

Here a few key dinCloud differentiators:


– While all cloud orchestration platforms offer control over hosted virtual servers ,there are very few cloud orchestration platforms in the world that can handle S3 storage and even fewer that provision virtual desktops.   dinManage does all that plus offers easy API integration, white labelling capabilities, private/public cloud multi-geographic deployment scenarios — all while being built for the Channel with scale and efficiency which is unparalleled.


– With over 40 key differentiators, no Cloud on earth can match the performance and reliability of dinCloud’s infrastructure which is 2.5x faster than our nearest competitor.   dinServer’s unprecedented 128 vCPU across 8 pCPU, 2TB memory, and 80gbps of networking in a 4u space blows the doors off the competition.   The sheer density of this architecture creates a Microsoft licensing cost model which offers the most margin of any Cloud in operation today.  Our “Cloud fast” F1 marketing program reflects this reality


– Very few clouds have distributed object storage like dinCloud.  Even those who do, lack the feature set inherent to our design.   With the fastest SSD, SAS and SATA tiers available, we have unlimited scale in both storage heads and capacity, direct data access between servers and data on storage, plus unification of block, file and object while retaining enterprise features like snapshot, replication, data validation, and more. This allows dinCloud to offer competing solutions such as dinStorage D3 – an Amazon S3-API compatible cloud storage alternative, while doing it at a price point which allows customers to enjoy unlimited data transfers for free without sacrificing performance or profitability.


–  Too many Cloud Service Providers are only connected via the public Internet where security, quality of service and overall user experience cannot be guaranteed.  dinTransport offers up to 10g links worldwide on private networks across 15 major carriers who connect directly to our Cloud.  With dinTransport, privacy, quality of service and user experience is guaranteed.  As such, services like VOIP, video, virtual desktops, storage replication and more can be delivered over a unified high speed link with predictable results.   dinCloud’s ability to engineer automatic failover between private and public access to each customer makes us a leader in cloud connectivity.


– For over 4 years dinCloud has consistently beaten the competition in the area of virtual desktops via its ability to deliver VOIP integration along with flawless YouTube and other video content with ease across any number of endpoints (Android, iPhone/iPAD, Linux, Mac, Windows, Chromebook).   dinDaaS is the only virtual desktop in the world that can handle newer video formats like NetFlix, Hulu and others.   Like other hot technologies such as webRTC, dinCloud’s dinDaaS is the first to integrate with Google’s Chrome browser directly as an HTML5 powered extension (not a mere user of the HTML5 protocol) to create a zero footprint endpoint client for virtual desktop use.   With full integration into dinManage, all the difficulties of VDI such as security gateways, connection brokers – and much more, become a thing of the past.


– A founding principle of dinCloud is the lock in its logo, reflecting our commitment to customer privacy and security.  dinCloud itself is EU Safe Harbor, SSAE16, and PCI compliant.   In addition, there is no regulatory schema which cannot be met by the components of dinCloud’s infrastructure from which customer’s architect their unique regulatory compliant solutions.  dinCloud by default encrypts all data in flight and at rest within our Cloud with AES256 encryption, provides  multi-factor authentication, intrusion prevention, IP reputation filtering of all Internet traffic in/out of the Cloud, utilizes dedicated firewall, load balancers and other key appliances on a per-customer basis, and protects all data with a daily Cloud-wide storage snapshot held for 10 days, allowing full restore of any virtual machine, directory or file.   No wonder doctors, lawyers, credit unions, manufacturers, technology companies, and individuals trust dinCloud with their most sensitive data every single day.   Dare to compare dinCloud vs. the competition (Amazon, Rackspace, Azure) via this link:

Feel free to reach out to me or anyone on the dinCloud team at any time.   Thx!

-Mike Chase EVP/CTO dinCloud