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Major Announcements and Updates from VMworld 2012

dinCloud was a sponsor at VMworld this year, and as an attendee – we wanted to share our perspective of the announcements that were made.

Enterprises Embracing Desktop Virtualization

For the last 2 years, large enterprises have been quick to evaluate and roll out desktop virtualization. A majority of the attendees were very large organizations. And as we spoke to representatives from these companies, we were delighted to hear implementations under way. We heard numbers like 8000 desktops currently pending rollout, 4000 desktops virtualized and so on.

Of course, we were at the epicenter of virtualization innovation at VMworld. So it isn’t uncommon to have so many virtualization projects going on.

What is interesting to see is the trend. Large enterprises tend to adopt a private cloud because they have a high degree of complexity in their environment. But more so, because they have large economies of scale with IT departments that number in the 25, 50, 200 range of employees. Larger organizations have the resources and trained staff to perform pilots, evaluate a number of vendor products, implement, manage, and support virtualized environments.

VMware Launches Multiple Suites

To support the trend we were seeing in the end user community, VMware also made several announcements regarding new suites. These include vCloud Suite and Horizon Suite. Again, we see major support from the vendor community around mobility, desktop virtualization, and cloud storage. These tools help manage the infrastructure and are great for large enterprises that can have resources looking after these tools.

Cloud Hosted Desktop Providers

At this VMworld, we were among a select group of hosted desktop providers. As more organizations look to simplify IT, we see organizations start to leverage hosted providers. Given that we provide hosted desktops, hosted servers, and also cloud storage – it makes business provisioning a much easier process.

In fact, aside from the validation we received from Network World and Extreme Labs earlier this year, we have also been fully vetted out by NetApp on our services. These pictures below shows us as a recipient of the NetApp 2012 Partner Trophy, and the video crew that NetApp sent by to hear what we have to say about VMware and NetApp.

For more information on our Desktop as a Service, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.