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We are in a completely different world from what we left around fourteen months back. A global pandemic has re-refined what used to be the norm. Now, remote work has taken hold across thousands of enterprises globally.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – Reshaping the Virtual Workplace

One more interesting trend is that as employers realize the gains they have achieved by reducing workplace related overheads, they are also re-thinking the whole Work from Home (WFH) paradigm from a whole new perspective.

However, to sustain remote work or WFH as a mid to long-term strategy, enterprises will need the supporting infrastructure. There are multiple dimensions to this new norm, which include but are not limited to seamless access to data and impeccable Security.

The Virtual Workplace

Say hello to the new “Virtual Workplace”, where productivity has little to do with where your employees are physically located. What’s more important is they enjoy seamless access to organizational data, productivity resources and collaborative tools.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – The Enabler

The cloud technology called DaaS is the true enabler of the Virtual Workplace that we have outlined above. Whenever you gauge a certain technology, it is mostly thought that you have to make a compromise somewhere.

With an innovative and versatile technology like DaaS, compromise is a thing of the past. DaaS ticks all the right boxes in the specific context of remote work or the new trend of virtual workplaces.

How DaaS Pulls this Off?

Desktop as a Service is a cloud powered technology in which you have round the clock, multi device access to Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops. These are exactly like your own PC, with a key difference that they exist in the data centers of a Cloud Service Provider.

This third party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has put in place all the IT infrastructure that will support the Virtual Desktops or DaaS. In order to attain DaaS capability, the deploying entity does not require any IT hardware on premise.

As a starting point, this relieves deploying entities from the hassle of procuring, maintaining and constantly upgrading on premise IT infrastructure. Enterprises shift from a CapEx to a purely OpEx model, where you pay only for what you actually use.

Future of Remote Work

Multiple surveys and studies conducted during the pandemic have revealed a clear inclination towards remote work. It is partly due to the fact that during most of the pandemic era, remote work was the only viable platform for enterprises.

When compared to the pre pandemic time, it is expected that the number of remote workers will increase by a staggering 87%. This trend is being observed across multiple industries, whether its banking, insurance or a host of other services.

DaaS – A Sound Virtual Workplace Enabler

With a cloud technology such as DaaS, enterprises are now able to put a sound virtual workspace strategy in place. Remote employees have seamless access to organizational data via Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops that are housed within the CSP’s data centers.

There is no limitation on remote employees to use only their official devices. They are also free to use even their personal devices, as there is sound security of the DaaS solution in place at the cloud provider’s level.

Leading DaaS solutions such as dinHVDs can be supplemented with enterprise grade productivity tools. These tools are at the disposal of remote employees, regardless of the time, place or device they may be using.

With remote work becoming a mainstream trend and virtual workspaces the way forward, DaaS solutions can also be equipped with online collaboration tools. These tools enable remotely working teams to keep track of various tasks and projects.

The market’s leading DaaS providers like dinCloud have also ensured top notch cyber security. This level of security is not limited to just the CSP’s cloud infrastructure, rather it extends to the endpoint devices used by remote employees.


We can safely assume that virtual workspaces are here to stay, even when we transition past this ongoing pandemic. It is DaaS solutions like dinHVD that will act as the key enabler for remote work scenarios.

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