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Desktop as a Service Providers

As a show of maturing in the DaaS space, you can see a number of desktop as a service providers emerging. There have been a few early entrants, such as us, dinCloud (desktop in the cloud) and now with sponsors such as Citrix and Microsoft, a lot more service providers are seeking a way to deliver desktop as a service.

Microsoft held its annual invitation-only Hosting Summit in April. The event started off with a session exclusive to desktop as a service. During Microsoft’s presentation, they showed how DaaS is gaining more news coverage. They cited examples, showing dinCloud in the news as well. This auditorium was packed. The interest level is definitely growing.

As the vendor marketplace matures, you will see more research papers coming from the analyst community, more case studies, and hear about the success and benefits of desktop as a service.

Desktop as a Service Matures at dinCloud

We spent over 18 months on R&D for our service. We worked with a number of vendors, and deployed it internally. Today, dinCloud has a desktop as a service offering that runs out of Equinix – a highly secure and high-connectivity data center platform. We’ve made DaaS secure with physical and virtual layers of security. And we offer more than just desktop as a service. Your business can go through a cloud transformation by leveraging our business provisioning services.

As a true sign of maturing of our service, we have also collaborated with NetApp.  NetApp challenged dinCloud with its own team of technical architects and engineers. They vetted out our design, process, and service. You can now see that they have published our desktop as a service offering on their website.

We believe we have taken steps to ensure a heavenly experience for our customers in the cloud by putting our desktop as a service offering through all the tests. I invite you to browse the dinCloud website, and watch some videos to learn more about our DaaS offering which we refer to as hosted virtual desktops (HVDs).

Article by Ali D., Chief Marketing Officer, dinCloud

For more information on our Desktop as a Service, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist.