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Desktop as a Service is a Cloud Computing service which offers Cloud-Hosted Desktops on any of the user’s device from anywhere. Basically, it is the back-end of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment. It involves storage, securing and handling of the user’s data and taking care of their business applications. For businesses, the service utilizes subscription model offering the service on pay-per-use basis.

How Desktop as a Service Works?

DaaS offers a multi-tenant infrastructure in which DaaS resources can be shared by multiple client’s pool. In DaaS, Virtual Desktops are created housed in the Data Centers outsourced by the Cloud Service Provider. The data center includes the creation of Virtual Machines which actually run the desktop machines streamed to user as a Desktop.

DaaS experience is identical to that of personal desktop experience. DaaS provisions the management and deployment of VDI, as well as the backup, security, management and testing of the users data and applications.

VDI vs DaaS

DaaS is actually the back end of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and both of their norms are same in terms of functionalities. The only difference is the deployment and after-service management.

The VDI is provisioned by the in-house IT team including its management, upgrading and Virtual desktops are installed through on-premises Data Center. On the other hand, DaaS is outsourced by a third-party provider which solely provides Virtual Desktops and handles its management, upgradation or whatsoever needed.

Why companies need DaaS

With the growing need of digital transformation in the industries and as more and more organizations are moving towards it, they prefer to stack their infrastructure with the most advanced technologies. Likewise, one of these most advanced is DaaS which ever since its emergence has just gotten stronger within the grip of companies. Here are some of the reasons!

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Within Virtual Desktops deployed in an organization, employees can enjoy the winds of working from anywhere anytime for which one only needs a reliable Internet connection. Regardless of your physical location and even when on the go, employees can work from anywhere.


Employees have now the liberty being their work hours flexible by the access of business applications and data anywhere, anytime. With DaaS, gone are the days when employee’s had to care about their work timings and schedule

Data Security

DaaS provides additional layers of security to the users, which essentially makes the data more secure in terms of confidentiality as cyber-attacks today are on the rise. This gives the companies essential protection over their confidential data.

Reduce IT Costs

DaaS essentially reduces the IT infrastructure costs for businesses in terms of capital and operations. Apart from that, DaaS offers pay-per-use subscription which means companies have no longer need to worry about the resources that are on-hold and just have to pay for the time service is being used.

Growing Trends in the DaaS Market

Gartner predicted that by 2022, DaaS market will generate $4.67 Billion giving it a better growth. Seeing these statistics, DaaS market is seen growing and progressing at a faster rate advancing companies and businesses towards their digital transformation possible. DaaS providers are now looking for efficient ways to provide a centralized and flexible solution to satisfy and convince customers as good customer experience that defines customer retention and loyalty.


Desktop as a Service will deliver Cloud Based Solutions to your organization, regardless of where it’s physically established to provide your organization with digital transformation of remote work-. For increased flexibility, mobility, high-performance and reinforced security, then desktop as a (add brand anchor) might be the only choice left for your business journey to digital transformation.