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In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the globe have shifted their focus to digital content. Due to the restrictions on physical movement at a global scale, it was but natural for people to revert to some means of biding time.

How Cloud Technologies are Powering Remote Production Crews

While this is great news for creators of digital content, this trend has put a lot of strain on production houses that are engaged in producing digital content. Now, they no longer have limitless access to computing and processing resources.

Yet, the bar for viewers of digital content is still as high as it was before the onset of this pandemic. Still, production houses across the globe are doing their best to leverage the latest digital technologies to accomplish this mammoth task.

Cloud Computing – Get Instant Access to Resources

While there has been no shortage of human capital, the lacking factor has mainly been access to the extreme level of processing resources you normally require to produce high quality digital content.

This is where cloud computing has taken a center stage. Visionary Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like dinCloud were aware of the shifting trends in favor of cloud technologies, at levels never witnessed before since the introduction of the cloud.

It won’t be wrong to say that cloud computing technologies have proved to be a perfect fit for the global production industry that’s engaged in producing digital content. Perhaps the most resource intensive medium is video, but it is also by far the most popular.

Now, the global audience is moving from a textual context to a visual context. People feel more at home getting the information they need in the form of a video or similar visual effects. It is also partly so because this is the most powerful medium as well.

What Does the Cloud Offer for Production Houses?

First off, cloud service providers (CSP) like dinCloud have a global footprint of highly advanced, vast and powerful data centers. These can act as the perfect repository for digital content while its in the works.

Then, there is the element of high availability. At dinCloud, we offer availability that’s in excess of 99%, which is phenomenal even by cloud computing standards. This feat can be achieved only due to a robust cloud architecture backing cloud services.

Another very important element is that of cyber security. Digital content is highly susceptible to theft. Imagine the devastating effects of a popular episode that leaks ahead of its scheduled airing date and time.

This is yet another area where cloud services, such as the ones being offered by dinCloud can be a true lifesaver for production houses engaged in creating digital content. dinCloud offers ultra powerful Hosted Virtual Desktops (dinHVD) that are highly capable.

dinHVDs – Powerful and Seamless User Experience (UX)

dinCloud’s Hosted Virtual Desktops are fully capable of handling graphics and processing intensive workloads associated with the production industry of digital content. The great bit is, you can instantly scale up or down, as your processing needs change.

This is achieved without making any tweaks to your underlying hardware, as all the computing power is being sourced from dinCloud’s powerful data centers. With a multi layer security at dinCloud, your digital content is in safe hands.

If you are engaged in the production of digital content and are facing difficulty in accessing computing resources on the fly, look no further than dinCloud. Contact Us and one of our cloud experts will get in touch with you soon.